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Media Create Sales: Week 29, 2013 (Jul 15 - Jul 21)

Bruno MB

Persona 4 is the Atlus game with the higher first week sales (211.967 units sold).

I'm curious to see Dragon's Crown numbers. Just 2 minutes left.


[PS3] Dragon's Crown - 109.031
[PSV] Dragon's Crown - 75.506

Total - 184.537
Nice result for Lego - 18,077 - almost as much as Game & Wario's opening. Also sold through 60%~80% of its initial shipment.

Good on Youkai Watch, sold 19K this week and crossed the 100K mark.
DC falls shy of 200k (minus DD of course), but still VERY impressive. AA5 really did match AA4. Nice to see after how PL vs AA and the new PL games have been underperforming. Vita hardware held up too.


Two copies sold? That's not a bomb guys, stop trolling!!!
*rumoured data come in*

*real datas come in*

Ace Attorney 5 - 241,878


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