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Media Create Sales: Week 3, 2015 (Jan 12 - Jan 18)


Famitsu first week comparison:

Xillia: 512,544
Destiny 2: 498,142
Rebirth: 372,767
Abyss: 368,316
Xillia 2: 331,533
Zestiria: 316,824
Vesperia (PS3): 227,506
Graces f: 219,921
Graces (Wii): 143,309
Vesperia (360): 101,272


Those Xbox One numbers are really bad. How can the console survive on numbers like that in Japan?

Good result for ToZ. The Tales of series is still strong.


If it has good word of mouth, it's definitely within reach. 75k is pretty much a lock, though.

Haven't heard much reports about the game aside from first week stock shortages in some shops so hopefully this game does not easily die on the charts.


Two copies sold? That's not a bomb guys, stop trolling!!!
It looks like PS4 overtook PSVita launch aligned on both Famitsu and MC since last week.

Last Holidays probably played a role: while being far from great (with a decent week when DQH bundle was released), PS4 had much better first Holiday sales than Vita. IIRC, Vita's end of 2012 was horrendous.
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