Meet Ahmed Angel - He is planet, cool as ice & geantel man <3

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So he's a gta 5 character?
I think its one of those phone apps that replaces pic with pics of you.

If you look through his pictures you notice him on the cover of mags, in a subway, being sketched etc.. and some have the label at the bottom "Photofunias" or some shit. Its one of those apps that let you edit your pic then insert it into an image.

Dude doesnt even look "real" to be honest. He's so made up and his outfits so outlandish that he almost looks CGI or not human.

seriously? There is some photo trickery or some shit going on...dudes face changes or is altered some how




Nine out of ten orphans can't tell the difference.
My inner Persian-sense is tingling, I'm willing to bet ALL my pogs. I'll never understand some of my fellow countrymen.
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