Mega Man 11 [OT] Fight Mega Man, for a memorable comeback!


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Jun 9, 2004
I didn't realize that SNES games had so much input lag. 2.5 frames of lag on Megaman X? NES games had basically no lag. Maybe that's why a lot of people subconsciously preferred the NES ones.
There is definitely at least 1 frame of lag on the NES games but, yeah, they're super fast. The most responsive in the series.

One thing that makes it harder to produce super responsive games these days is the addition of a frame buffer which those older consoles do not use. They could draw directly to the screen line by line in the past. I'd assume that the MMX lag just comes from extra processing somewhere in the chain. It's still really fast but not as fast.

This gen, most "fast" games come between 60-80ms with a few below that. I know one of the recent BlazBlue games manages to reach 43ms or so which is insanely fast for a modern game.

Default settings a.k.a. Borderless windowed with vsync: Substantial input lag
Yeah, I found the same. The fullscreen modes on PC seem fine but the game defaults to borderless which inherently introduces extra latency since it's basically in desktop mode. Horrible decision by Capcom to default to that mode since it automatically means a sluggish game.

Wonder what the input lag is on the consoles, cause its on all 3 consoles.
It's around 60ms on Xbox One/Xbox One X while Switch is closer to 70ms and PS4 is closer to 80ms (which is still faster than Mega Man X7 on if that's an achievement lol). So Xbox One is the winner in terms of responsiveness.

In practice, I can't really feel much of a difference between the three of them but if you're really sensitive to latency then Xbox One is clearly the way to go. All of those are really good results, though.

I wonder if it's down to double versus triple buffering? We see a LOT of Xbox games use adaptive v-sync or double buffered output which is inherently more responsive but, if you slow down, the drops can appear more visually severe. Most PS4 games seem to use triple buffering, however, which can appear more fluid but introduces an extra frame of lag or so (which lines up with the results). Switch is...I dunno.

Either way, all versions are LIGHT YEARS beyond the awful X Collection with latency well over 100ms in the classic games.
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Jun 6, 2004
Anyone tried the One X with freesync on? I think that is supposed to reduce input lag but I don’t know if the game has to be programmed for it.
Jul 30, 2018
It's basically impossible to match the original games in terms of latency but I don't think MM11 is too bad in that regard (at least on the Pro). First impressions suggests that it's more responsive than the awful X Collection, at least. At least it's native 4K on X and Pro so it looks fantastic.

Zero surprise at lack of 21:9 support - it wouldn't work with how the game is built. Someone made an interesting angled view video of the game showing how it culls the scene around the player room. A lot of rooms are designed specifically to fill a 16:9 image as well so it would just appear black on the left and right much of the time.

Yeah, it's really good but I'm not sure I'd say it's better than 9 just yet. We'll see. Mega Man 9 is really nicely designed, I thought. This feels like an evolution of Mega Man 8 in many ways (which is a good thing). Wish it was receiving more attention.
Im really liking this game better then 9 or 10. I didn't like how they took away the mega buster and slide and gave it to Proto-Man. They could have also at least used 16 gfx for megaman 10. I really hope that they add bass and protoman dlc like they did with 9 and 10
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