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Mega Man 9 now up on WiiWare (67blocks)/PSN(Now)/XBLA(10/1). ProtoM DLC $2 next week

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All I got for the Vernal Equinox was this stupid tag
Still not up here in J-land yet. Anyone know when the shopping channel typically updates in Japan?
Agent Unknown said:
Right now my fave track is Magma Man. My personal top 3 MM 2 tracks: Wily 1, Bubbleman, Air Man.
Wily 1, Woodman, Metalman, Bubbleman, and Quickman for me (in no particular order except for Wily 1).

My least favorite stage music is Crashman, even though he is my favorite boss.
Kletian said:
Eh Galaxy Man IS the weakest track of MM9, and probably worse than most of the tracks of MM2. And the only weak track from MM2 is Air Man.
Whaaaaaaaaaat? Galaxy Man is one of my favorites especially the part in the middle of the song. Air Man is one of my all time megaman favorites ever.
Dark Octave said:
Wily 1, Woodman, Metalman, Bubbleman, and Quickman for me (in no particular order except for Wily 1).

My least favorite stage music is Crashman, even though he is my favorite boss.

One reason Bubbleman's track is so amazing is that its mood and tone perfectly capture the feeling of being underwater just as the tone of Heatman's track reflects "high temp"/intensity of the level. For atmospheric NES soundtracks, IMHO only Metroid matches it.

OT, is there any good way to avoid the Magma dragon's fireballs? I've tried a lot of different jumping patterns. Just when I think I have it down, he nails me with a fireball at the edge of the screen. I beat him last night but only after I went gonzo on him using the Rush coil. :p


dark10x said:
Is that actually your display? What specific model are you using?

Perhaps MM9 is actually using a lower resolution mode (or at least a different resolution)? I've noticed that some modern displays are unable to properly handle certain resolutions and will display similar artifacts when using them. When a friend of mine was looking for a 32" LCD, we tested a number of them and all of the Samsung panels exhibited this flaw (wierd flashing pixels and other anamolies) with certain material. Of course, this doesn't really make a whole lot of sense with this game as the Wii menu still needs to be accessed and, as such, I'm sure video output remains in the ***x480 area (perhaps interlaced).
Yeah the picture is mine; Samsung 32' Series 3. Ok that's wierd but: I'm playing MM2 now, finished 2 stages but there's no flickering. Went back the Wii Menu, it flickers. Played Lost Winds, Super Mario Bros, One Piece Unlimited Adventure and displayed all of my photos in the channel --nothing. I'm not sure what the problem is. It's only in the Menu and MM9.
Uh, so I spent 200 bolts for the Roll costume and all it does is cause her to wear her dress from MM 8 when you're in the shop. It doesn't let you play as a Roll sprite. Very lame.

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KevinCow said:
Er, Cut Man was Mega Man 1. You mean Metal Man?

I was responding to the point about Air Man being "the definitive classic Mega Man music". I pointed out two songs that I think deserve that title more than Air Man's theme.


This game is really like the old Megaman games.

Very "amusing" though :D

Doesn't look bad on the PS3.

I'll wait for Megaman X9 instead (with SNES MMX sprites please ! And no Axl >_<).


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Iam Canadian said:
Wily stages 3 and 4.

What? No way, those are awesome! You realise how tense those made me when I first played Mega Man 2, to keep driving my way through the stage to try and reach Wily and end his reign of terror? Those are perfect.

Considering I can never ever remember Quickman or Flashman's music I'm willing to say those are worse than the other tunes in the game. END OF.

Also, if this isn't out here tomorrow I will cut off KevinCow's head. No reason why it'd be his, but I'm willing to bet Capcom/Nintendo wouldn't want his blood on their hands.
Took down Hornet Man. Talk about brilliant level design. That flower pot mini boss is one ingenious little set piece and I geeked out when I saw that Hornet Chase uses
the bees from Hard Man's stage!

Then I finished off Splash Woman. I felt kinda bad taking down the cute 'lil harpy. :( Just Concrete Man to go before Wily.

Iam Canadian said:
Wily stages 3 and 4.

You're nuts, both of the main Wily tracks are good and set the mood well. ex: When you're jumping past the mech fish in the sewer area, try telling me that track doesn't fit.

Crashman track is much nerdy than it should be but it seems to match the uneven goofiness of the level. Here's how I imagine it: Inafune to MM2 team: "lolz Let's place more birds over the ladders! And the music will go, NAH, na, na, na nuh-nuh-nuh, na, na, na, na. It'll be as though the music is mocking the player! lol" 'Uh, are you sure boss, cuz this stage isn't that hard and frankly we have some new re-cuts of the track we'd like you to hear...' Inafune: "NOOOO! Told you! It goes NAH, na na na, nun-nuh-nuh, na na na na!" 'Finnnne, if that's the price we pay for Wily 1 proper then so be it." :p
The demo up on PSN is just as big as the game at 63 MB, and offers only Concrete Man stage. The demo cuts off just as the boss battle is about to begin.
I have just beat 6 boss, but this is by far the best NES Megaman. The challenge is PERFECT, it's pretty hard the first time, or when you're not careful, but it's always very rewarding, and every time I die it's because of a clever trap, or because I screwed up. I'm also very glad that the "this game is designed like MM2" is bullshit, they take tons of stuff from the later Megaman (thank god they have taken MM4+ weapon selection screen for example), the weapons are really useful unlike 2 (and there's no overpowered weapon like the metal blade), and unlike 2 there's no shitty unfair stuff (so far anyway), there's also a shop, etc... They've really analysed the NES game to took the best elements of those. But still, some things prevent it from being my favourite Megaman.

First of all, there's no slide and no charge shot, while this is great for the platform, it just sucks for the boss to not be able to dodge quickly, in a result, the boss attacks aren't really impressive and the boss are just good while they are beyond awesome in some of the best Megaman games, just because of those weak boss, this game is under Megaman 7 and Megaman & Bass in my book :D And it's nowhere near the gaming nirvana that is the Zero series. Maybe the Wily Tower bosses will make me change my mind though. For me a good Megaman is more about boss battle than level design, and MM9 clearly choose to emphasis on levels.

I'm not a big fan of the music either, I love NES sounds, and all, but while I really love some tracks (like Concrete Man), some just piss me off (Tornado Man), and most of them just didn't grab my interest, but I can imagine loving them more and more as I'll play this game again and again to complete the challenge, it's not like they're bad or anything.

And more obviously, I would really have liked better visuals, NES is good, but I'd have preferred a Bionic Commando Rearmed treatment, I would have gladly paid 15 or 20$ for that, I would have liked a mission/challenge mode too, once again Bionic Commando spoiled me, and Megaman is tailor suited for this kind of gameplay as Powered Up proved me. In the end, I'll rate this game 10 out of 10, this clearly the GOTY 2008!
until Resistance 2 is released ;)


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ItsInMyVeins said:
Still can't decide whether I should get MM9 on Wii or PS3 :/
It's basically EXACTLY the same, man. It all comes down to which controller you like better. Try holding both and imagine playing Megaman with them. Go with the version that feels more natural. You really can't go wrong.


ItsInMyVeins said:
Still can't decide whether I should get MM9 on Wii or PS3 :/
Choose whatever dpad suits you more; personally the Wiimote dpad feels far superior to the PS3 one (just beat Concreteman stage and not the boss just now).

And agreed with the sentiment up thar that lack of slide and charge shot really hamper on the boss fights.

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SovanJedi said:
Considering I can never ever remember Quickman or Flashman's music I'm willing to say those are worse than the other tunes in the game. END OF.

Psh. Quickman's Theme is awesome. Flashman's is probably the weakest theme of the Robot Masters.

But Canadian's got the right idea: though fitting for their respective levels, Wily Stages 3 & 4 are musically quite bland.


I beat Splashwoman with no problem at all...the game isn't really that hard but it's OLD SCHOOL I love it....once you learn how to manuever the area it's really simple.
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