Mega Man] Rockman X Over announced for iOS

Beth Cyra

Yeah it's Rockman Cross Over.

タイトル名 : ロックマン Xover (ロックマン クロスオーバー)
ジャンル : ソーシャルRPG

Social RPG, lol.

If they are doing this then why the fuck is that new Rock pretty much just X and then use a giant X in the background?

God damn you Capcom. First you pull the Zero Alt and now your fucking around with even X's names you stupid assholes.


needs 2 extra inches
What does this photo even mean? All Megamen characters playable?


best seen in the classic "Shadow of the Beast"
Is that a pimp mega man variant in the back? Whatever. I'm finding it hard to care about a game that I'm probably not gonna play.
at first i thought it was a megaman powered up style game but with mega man x. But then i saw "social rpg" and died a little bit
Well, no, it's not literally doing that.

No, literally. In honor of cancelling all Mega Man titles, Capcom Japan installed a small unmarked grave in the back of their Tokyo headquarters, and the guy in charge of this abomination was literally peeing on said grave as he signed his name on the greenlight documents.

This was all revealed in the latest issue of Famitsu.
Fuck. Great idea, bad execution. I mean a cross over with all Megamen from different universes on 3DS/Vita could have give me a ray of hope for this series.


"Autoplay"....waat, fuk u capcom fuck u up ur ass.

This POS looks like a fan made flash game from the early 2000's shits right up there with level 30 Goku.
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