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Mega Man: Shenmue Animated Short


Mega Man: Shenmue

Peter Sjöstrand over at the S3 kickstarter OT made this cool short

Peter Sjöstrand;171681950 said:
I put together this animated short in an attempt to bring more awareness to the Kickstarter. The idea was to try and animate a Shenmue themed Mega Man stage.
If you're wondering why I decided to mix the two, it's because we're a couple of guys who have been working on a Mega Man fangame for a couple of years, so we're using our Facebook page that we set up for that game to help promote the campaign.

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Forklift and Phoenix mirror are too overpowered, pre-order cancelled.

Kidding, that was pretty awesome.


As I posted in the other thread, the video is great and you got me to back the Shenmue 3 kickstarter (even though I've never played 1/2).


Next Yu Suzuki game: ForkliftFall

A team-based, online-only 3D brawler where you have to successfully input QTE combo chains during fights to be sent a forklift from the heavens and wreck havoc on the opposing team
Ryo blowing the competition away...

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