Megaman Online officially canceled according to Neowiz


There has been a rumor last year that Rockman(Megaman) Online developed by Korean company Neowiz was canceled.

Korean gaming site ruliweb talked with Neowiz and Neowiz confirmed they canceled Megaman online in November 2012 after talking with Capcom.

source (in korean)

Pie and Beans

Look for me on the local news, I'll be the guy arrested for trying to burn down a Nintendo exec's house.
Well see, the problem is Neowiz you werent a failing western development house for Capcom to swoop in on and sugar daddy because thats what they do now. Sorry!

At least were getting that Lost Planet 3 we didn't want while the MegaMan franchise stays dead.
At this point, I'm also expecting Kenzo Tsujimoto (Capcom CEO) to actually be a robot designed by Dr. Wily as part of another one of his evil schemes. :lol
After a brief semi-redemption, as a result of MH3G and it's localisation and region-free servers, it seems C(r)apcom is back to it's usual tricks.
Does this make the 4th canceled mega man game in recent times?

At least we have xover
Nope. Last I checked, Xover's western release was also cancelled. It is going to be Japan-only.

Strange though, we already knew Rockman Online was canceled. I guess there wasn't an official statement.
MegaMan has spent his entire life fighting for everlasting peace, Capcom is just granting his wish.

I've boycotted giving Capcom any money since the Legends 3 hilarity, still feels good man