MegaTen x Fire Emblem announced (Wii U)

Did not see THAT coming. Holy crap.

Also, it was shown in the EU direct, so I guess the partnership with Nintendo means the game will come out for all regions (or so I hope).
They can't just tease something like this and not say anything about it.
But it was on the European stream, so it'll probably be released in EU. :)
Since this was shown in the North American Nintendo Direct, it's gonna be localized, right?

I'm gonna buy like 10 copies of Fire Emblem Awakening and Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers.

Regulus Tera

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New Yoshi? Neat, I guess.
Wind Waker HD? It was a lovely game, but not an experience I wanna revisit.
New Monolith Soft? Hey, that looks cool.
Two of my favorite franchises... I can't
Can't believe this at all still.... most intrigued by this title. There's so many questions and ways they can go about this, just crazy