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”Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.”- Bill Cunningham

May contain NSFW images because fashion.

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The Basics
-Read clothing labels please. It's not just there for no reason. Follow everything it says.
-To get the best fit out of your clothing take them to tailor.
-Cold wash on gentle cycles and hang dry to lengthen the life of your clothing and avoid shrinkage. Separate whites and darks.
-When something says dry clean only you better believe it's dry clean only
-Iron your shirts or use a garment steamer to keep them looking right. Spray starch helps as well.
-If you wear darks use a lint brush to keep them looking new and nice. They can be found in any walgreens, cvs, target, etc.
-Don't be afraid or too lazy to wash certain items by hand.
-For gods sake keep your clothes on hangars don't just throw them anywhere. Either that or fold them and store properly.

Stains and Cleaning
-Use tide stain removal pens on new stains to minimize damage. On anything white bleach pens before throwing it into a wash helps.
-Club soda and salt is an old trick that works when a stain is fresh. Keeps it from setting in.
-Always blot the area don't rub.
-Avoid heat at all costs. Heat locks in stains.

-If you got raw denim then the first rule is wait as long as you can before washing them.
-In fact, wash them as little as possible for as long as you have them unless you really want the faded look.
-To avoid constant washing remember to air out your jeans as much as possible.
-Use a spray that eliminates bacteria to remove odor.
-When the time does come to wash follow these rules. Soak in a bathtub inside out. Cold or warm water. Use a denim cleanser. For more detailed advice here's a video
-Check the crotch area from time to time and make sure the stitching is not beginning to give. It's easier to repair a crotch blowouts before they happen.

-Use suede protector. It's a spray that protects it from oil and water.
-Get a suede brush and use it to keep the nap of the suede in good shape. Remember to brush in a single direction.
-If stained, rub the area with something called a cleaning block.

-Like suede, leather also has protector sprays.
-Hang in a cool and dry place
-Use leather conditioner a couple times a year. More so if it's a hot and dry season.
-There are leather cleansers available if stains happens but try to use those that are non-water based.

-If you have suede or leather shoes then look above.
-If you have canvas you can wax your canvas shoes for protection from elements.
-Use the different tricks mentioned above or whatever other stain removal remedies you can find on your shoes. Shoes are so varied there are lots of different ways to clean.
-When it comes to polishing here's a good guide.
-Look into something called a shoetree. These help extend the life of your shoes.

I feel dirty for asking this, but, would anyone in paris be able to help me out with picking up a few items? You can only get them over there.

Dance Inferno

Unconfirmed Member
New store recently opened in Times Square:

Obviously everyone in this thread will be excited about this news.

I need to get new shoes, my brown wingtips are starting to get worn out. What's good out there within the $200 price bracket?
Speaking of team untucked, what is the general rule for the length of the shirt?

I go with 1-2 inches above the end of the crotch of your pants.
I actually think the tucked pic guy looks good. His shirt isn't billowing, his body suits tucking in well.

Also, it's a good pic for the visual style that I'm going for. Very minimalist.