Men's Hair |OT|


Mar 14, 2019
Midwestern US
Neutrogena T-gel shampoo and conditioner. It’s not expensive so can likely replace it with what you currently use at no extra cost. I know not all guys brush their hair depending on the style they have, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a brush whilst drying your hair as that is good for the scalp.

Or you can try a hair tonic. Similar to the stuff barbers like to spray when giving you a cut. Pashana is a nice non-expensive brand that is used by a lot of barbers. I’d recommend the Eau de Cologne out of their range, Works best if you spray and brush it through on clean damp hair, then use the hairdryer.
I think I might have some T-gel in the closet now that I think about it. It's for my dad, but he uses the Selsun stuff anyway. Thanks!