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MENU MUSIC? Setting the mood. What's your favorite?


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Several game soundtrack threads have popped up recently which is great! It's sparked memories of great gaming music so I've been listening to a lot of soundtracks at work!

Listening to these soundtracks got me thinking about great menu music. The first impression of a game comes from the menu... so the menu music plays an important role in setting the mood. Often times the menu music is the main theme for the game, which is another important facet of setting the ambience/mood for the game. I know, there are some exceptions to this... I think Red Dead 2 didn't really have a menu, it just starts right up into the game after loading (a more modern practice in gaming). Last of Us didn't have music, just ambience. Please discuss the "lack" of music as a mood setting tactic also.

Anywho... what are some of your favorite menu music? Try to just list 2 or 3 choices :)

Some of mine... off the top of my head in no particular order:
Battlefield Bad Company, 2008: man I remember the excitement and joy loading up Bad Company and hearing this great track. It was so catchy and really set the mood for the game!

LA Noire, 2011: I distinctly remember staying in the menu listening to this whole track the first time I booted up LA Noire. Simply incredible piece of music... paired with an unforgettable game.

Halo 3, 2007: Another game where I stayed in the menu listening to music before starting up the game... but this time I was with my brother. We sat in silence as we reminisced over the years playing Halo together. We both knew this was the game would be the end for Master Chief, so it was very bittersweet. Halo has been one of the most important and influential games in my life. Halo Combat Evolved was THE first game soundtrack I purchased and sparked my love for game soundtracks. Listening to this again now brings a tear to me eye.
Lance Hayes tracks from Forza Motorsport 3 and 4 are among my favorite menu tunes. I spent a couple thousand hours in the livery editors in those games with that music always playing. Never got sick of it.



Can I cheat a bit? Not menu music, but loading music? (this very much was a thing in the tape days)

The game was... alright. Had some funky stuff with the dual perspectives and parallax scrolling, but ehh, nothing to write home about. It was fine. The music, however, I spent so much more time listening to than playing the actual game.


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Mass Effect: Uncharted Worlds

Not necessarily the main menu music, but great nonetheless! Mass Effect has an incredible soundtrack. The actual main menu song is incredible and I was thinking about posting that one also.

The late 2000's was peak creativity in gaming in my opinion. So many great, unique, and imaginative games came out from 2004-2010. And the soundtracks from this period are incredible and really timeless!
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How on earth this made it on to a crummy PS2 version of Medal of Honor (After coming from the brilliant PC version of Medal of Honor, that is..) blew my mind. I used to just leave it on in the background.


Super Metroids simple yet haunting tones perfectly set the stage for the harrowing adventure you were about to embark on. 16 bit perfection.
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Where’s Killer Instinct 2013 love?

Notes being played with button presses on the pause screen was also a nice touch.
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