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MENU MUSIC? Setting the mood. What's your favorite?

Jinzo Prime

Paper Mario TTYD . Spent hours on this screen as a kid:

Halo Menus. All of them:


Final Fantasy Prelude:

Killer Instinct, The Instinct. All versions. Forever the GOAT of fighting game menu themes:



Lance Hayes tracks from Forza Motorsport 3 and 4 are among my favorite menu tunes. I spent a couple thousand hours in the livery editors in those games with that music always playing. Never got sick of it.

I find that a lot of racing games have great menu music.


Halo 1
Metal Gear Solid (PS1)
Final Fantasy 7
Mario 64
Duck Tales
Mega Man 2
Halo 3

Just to make a few
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I really love DAO's as well, but not the menu theme from the OST, instead the more epic launcher music straight from the game files. I just had to play a bit everytime I heard it.
Mass Effect 2's menu music also didn't sound like anything special at the time, but I always liked how well the menu chimes fit with the menu music.

I know this is pause music and not main menu but still feel it needs to be here
All GTA IV trilogy games have great loading music. The others have nice intro themes too, 5 is probably the worst, though not bad.

DEHR I liked the intro (Icarus) way better.

Anything Streets Of Rage, specially the Remake intro

A live performance by Synt5

BlazBlue Calamity Trigger

Castlevania 64, the animation mostly.

Syberia Main Theme

Mafia: City Of Lost Haven

MAFIA Main Theme
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Skyrim main theme

Dragonborn Theme LIVE

also Sovngarde

Skyrim 10th Anniversary Concert – Full Performance

Hitman Blood Money Main Theme

also Apocalypse, pretty gloomy, though I think it ironic considering what you do.

Batman Arkham City
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