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Maiden Voyage

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teezzy teezzy this reminded me of you


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My edible kicked in with a vengeance today.
I told my wife the same thing I said here

Her: ohh ok mr. chemist over here. How much time is left on the oven Walt?
Me: wtf do you mean by that?
Her: “tincture!” Who says “tincture?”
Me: …fuckin everyone; that’s what they’re called!
Her: really?
Me: yeah, now you go finish dinner

And she did
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Maiden Voyage

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My brain is fried. I'm sat here for the past hour, reading about mechanic's liens because a contract is directly specifying the state statute covering said liens.

Some days I don't think I can get any lower into the weeds on the most banal things. Good thing it's not usually this dull.
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