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Metal Gear Solid Community |OT4| God Bless the Chopper!


Sep 4, 2009
DAE know when the MGSV OT thread is being released? It's usually a week before the game release right?


Jul 19, 2013
Good job Prince. Loving the GIFs for each game on the bottom. MGS 3 the best confirmed.


Jul 2, 2014
ModBot said:
Instructions for participants:
I am giving away a Steam key. To enter this giveaway, send a PM to ModBot with any subject line. In the body, copy and paste the entire line from the message below containing the game you want to enter for. Confused? Watch this GIF tutorial or ask for help.

ModBot Basics:
- I really appreciate thank you messages, but please send them to me (Strazyplus, not ModBot!) via PM instead of in thread.
- Do not trade keys you win off-site to enrich yourself. Don't try to claim games you have no interest in collecting or playing. Don't claim games to give them to friends off-site.
- If the key is already taken you will not receive a reply. Replies may take a minute or two.

Rules for this Giveaway:
- This giveaway is a LIGHTNING raffle. The winners will be selected by random draw 15 minutes after the draw was created. Any games not claimed after that point will be given away first come first serve.

METAL GEAR SOLID V: GROUND ZEROES -- MB-B7BC7CC7498DF09D - Taken by V3n0m Sn4k3. 4 entrants total.

By the way, there were some errors processing your keys...
Note: You did not include a valid thread URL. To use the THREAD rule you must include a valid thread URL including ?t= in the thread URL. Resubmit this giveaway if you want to correct this.