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Metal Gear Solid Community |OT4| God Bless the Chopper!


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It's been a while, but I've gotten back into MGSV. Been trying to get 100% on PS4. Not a lot of people playing, FOB stuff is pretty deserted. You can pillage with certain impunity.

Wonder if only whales are playing now... Because otherwise I can't see why a company like Konami would keep the servers up.

I'm a game designer working on action games for mobile and I got the craving to carry on this style of stealth in one of my own games next. Still figuring out how I could pull this off, but I'm hopeful I can put something simple together quickly.


Snake's right eye is burned by the muzzle flash. It wasn't actually hit by the bullet.

The poison on The Fear's arrows is from the クロドクシボグモ Phoneutria Nigriventer, the most poisonous spider among all the poisonous spiders. Para-Medic will tell you the details.
(Native to South America. Body length 8cm. 0.01mg of its poison kills a 20g mouse. By estimate, less than 0.1mg of poison is enough to kill an average adult human. One spider holds around 8mg of poison, enough to kill 80 humans. Antivenin already available, it is said that human deaths from this spider are rare in present day.)
Snake, being poisoned, spasms and shakes and loses feeling, so all vibration functions become disabled.
(I assume this is referring to the Dualshock controller vibration functions. But I don't think this was implemented in the game.)

Kuwabara, kuwabara (くわばら, 桑原), that's the 菅原道真 Sugawara Michizane spell to ward away lightning and thunder. The Colonel has a weakness with lightning.

Landing on the old man's shoulder is the "Emma Parrot (エマオウム)", it is the same parrot as the one Emma owned in MGS2.

The photograph of Volgin and Raikov, look at them smiling. It is cut off in the photo so it isn't clear, but the Colonel's hand is reaching towards the direction of Major Raikov's crotch.
Here he comes! Because he's raiden-no (thunderbolt's) "bitch" (Raidenovich). However, 雷電 Raiden is surprisingly popular actually.

This transcript of mgs3’s commentary is fascinating.

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