Metro: Exodus Delayed to Q1 2019.

"The development of Metro Exodus is progressing well; we are all really excited by what we are seeing," says Deep Silver in a statement. "We have been constantly reviewing the games progress to ensure that we deliver a product that gamers and fans of the Metro series want and deserve, as well as keeping an eye on announcements from our competitor products.

"We want everyone to be able to experience what is the most ambitious Metro game to date at its absolute best and therefore we have taken the decision to move the release date to Q1 2019."
Makes sense. Launching anything other that top top shelf games in the holiday season is a receipe for failure. It's about time companies started realizing.

Apparently, according to Beynon, the demo level we played at E3 itself is twenty times as large as the largest level from Last Light, the previous game. What’s even more interesting is that that is not even going to be the biggest level in the game.

“Significantly bigger,” he said when we asked him about the game’s map size. “I think the largest level from the previous game, Metro Last Light, was 200 by 200 meters. The one you played today was 20 times the size. And that’s not even our biggest level.”

“I’m not going to pretend that we are a deep RPG,” Beynon told GamingBolt. “We obviously have a really rich weapon customization system. You discover new parts for weapons, and scavenge full weapon, and strip them for parts. You can then customize base weapons. So, you have hundreds of different permutations there. We’ve also added other aspects of your character that you can upgrade. In previous games we offered suits. This time around we will give you the ability to customize the gear that you’re wearing, like getting upgrades for your helmet.”
I never expected it this year, same with Anthem. What we are seeing, which I think is about time, are games getting spread out more and less focus on the Christmas holiday crunch.
Interesting video. Didn't realize the bullet economy was gone.

I'm looking forward to it, but it's tough if it comes out in that same window as Division 2 and Anthem.


The Last of Us may be third person, but it is hardly third person.
I keep saying it and Ill say it again:

While we're waiting for Exodus, patch give the first two games Pro/X enhancements. Something simple like dynamic resolution.

come on guys, give me another reason to replay the first two games.