Mevius Final Fantasy (iOS/And) announced: Kitase/Nojima/Itahana, console level [INFO]

new FF for iOS/Android made by Kitase and "numbered FF staff"

they will show info on next week's famitsu.

It's supposedly a traditional RPG, not a remake of FF1 but something similar? A return to the roots of sorts. Kitase is producing, Nojima is writing the scenario, and the character designs are by Itahana.
Some additional details from the Sakaguchi/Kitase interview in Famitsu has been released:

- There map movement in the game will be automated, but the gameplay systems will be like a traditional FF
- He doesn't want it to feel inferior to a numbered FF game
- There will be Abilities and Jobs
- For a smartphone game, there is an unprecedented number of internal S-E developers working on this
- Many of them have worked on numbered FF games previously
- They're aiming for a smartphone game which is comparable to a console game
- The theme is "Warriors of Light"
Square Enix has filed for "MEVIUS FINAL FANTASY" trademark in Europe. Dunno if this is an iOS, handheld or console title.

Smoke thread if old.

UPDATE - Also filed in the US

I don't think this has anything to do with the cigarette brand though ( people may know it better as Mild Seven ), because that would imply SE partially trademarking a brand name that belongs to another company.
It's probably an alternate name for FFXV. Coz you can smoke while playing it, you know, since you just hold a button.

I'll see myself out.
I have zero ideas other than it "sounds" like a mobile title.

Though it could be a product of that new studio they were setting up, which was for consoles specifically...

What is with this new trend of putting things before Final Fantasy in the title.
i like the fake latin. it properly reflects the deep stories and serious faces of all the characters in the final fantasy triumverustallis. *puts hand on chest while looking down*