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MGSV TPP Art Book in the works for western release


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As you may know the Japanese Special Edition and Premium Package for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will come with an art book, unlike the Collector’s Edition for the western markets. However, it looks like Kojima Productions is planning to release a full size art book in the west as well.

On Twitter, Kenichiro Imaizumi, senior producer at Kojima Productions, responded to a fan asking for the art book in the collector’s edition, saying: “Sorry no plan. It will cost more. However we’re working with art book project with other partner in western market. Stay tune.” This won’t be like the Japanese art book: “Japanese one is small art book. About same size as DVD case. I am talking about real art book for licensing product.”


Hopefully they will get in touch with a company like Udon. Their Valkyria Chronicles releases are very well localized.


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And now you know why only Japan gets a [small] artbook with the collector's edition.



Well then, I guess I'll cancel my Japanese SE preorder and put that towards the ridiculously overpriced CE. And then look at getting the proper artbook later.
The type of art book japan gets is pretty much a sample of what the true art book of MGSV will be like. It's like how the collector's edition of Bioshock Infinite or Borderlands 2 came with a small art book that had about half of the art compared to what the big hardcover complete versions had. You rarely get a complete art book in collector's editions nowadays.


I'd expect something like what came with the MGS HD collection.

That thing is nice.

Just a weird angle, I think. I own a copy, and it's about the size of a standard comic TPB.

Love that artwork, sad that I never got this :(.

Ideally I want something coffee table book sized, like the FFXIII CE guide or the Naughty Dog artbook. Proper chunky.


Well fuck yes, I knew the guide book would contain some art, but a whole dedicated art book is perfect.
an art book.. yes that's what i want from my video games.

i remember i got the one for the MGS HD Collection but i think it came standard.


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Its a good news.

Unfortunately it seems the older MGS art books are no longer in production anymore.
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