Michael Keaton Returning as Batman in Ezra Miller's Flash Movie



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I actually wanted a Burton-style new Batman where Keaton plays the role. It could be Bruce in his old age forced to put on the suit for some complicated situation with the understanding that he's way past his prime and it's a dangerous thing to go and do.

I'd LOVE to see Burton and Keaton team up for an adaption of The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel.


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Listen, if you are gonna bring back Keaton at least bring back Uncle Jack to play the Joker one more time Batman Beyond style. Just one more nostalgia trip ;)


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Who the fuck cares about the ezra miller flash movie after justice league where he was by far the worst part of a shitty movie?
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Both Affleck and Bale were terrible Batmans.
No, no. Bale was very good...probably the best of the bunch so far. Not great as Wayne but great Batman.
And no one has been able to do a good Wayne so far, imo. Affleck is terrible these days. Used to like him back in the Dogma / Will Hunting time.


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There's a whole bunch of Batman movies coming out, you got super heroes all over the place, everybody has a role to play.


Ezra must be so thrilled to immediately be overshadowed in his headlining title as the Flash. Keaton is just too good of an actor not to steal the show from Ezra's take on the Flash which is at best a an annoying skiddish kid.
i think i figured it out

they're doing with flash what marvel did with spiderman

they're about to cross universes with the flash's super speed
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