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Michael Pachter Claims Sony is Skipping E3 2020


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Nov 17, 2018
Texas City,Texas
That's not true, you guys keep forgetting about the press.

It's one thing to say it could still do well but E3 would guarantee that it gets the most hype and exposure giving it the best possible launch.
That same press world be tweeting and blogging about any new information about the PS5 as it drops.

Lone Wolf

Jan 8, 2014
Tbh, Sony is the console leader, they can do whatever they want.......The truth is, Sony doesn't need E3, all the buzz can be generated with a simple Wired article or YouTube Video Interview with Cerny......Personally instead of spending all the money on E3 staging, spend that money on games instead...….Sony has the mindshare, they can reveal in the middle of the Sahara and it will create a bigger buzz than the competition.....Just look at a simple Logo reveal from Sony and the internet went wild, filled with anticipation, joy and tears...….Sony needs E3, not the other way around...….If Sony goes to E3, that's a bigger win for E3 tbh......
A bit arrogant?
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Jan 19, 2007
Barcelona, Spain
If Michael Patcher claims Sony is skipping E3 2020 then we can consider as confirmed that Sony will be there with a giant stand full of playable PS5 games and will have an E3 conference.

I think Sony doesn't need E3, but I'd appreciate to see a Sony E3 conference and know they have a booth.
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Ryu Kaiba

Sep 12, 2018
Watching E3 is a tradition for many of us. I hope they go. Remember the God of War debut with the live orchestra? Dope!
They don't remember what they had for breakfast. Every year cheering E3 on and then a month later preaching no one cares about it anymore.

Ryu Kaiba

Sep 12, 2018
Nintendo hasn't had a real presentation at e3 for years now, it hasn't affected the Switch momentum. If Sony releases their own video/event around e3, it will be just as hyped up as an actual e3 floor presentation. IMO
Nintendo doesn't do stage conferences but they still do an E3 Showcase every year and have a huge presence on the show floor. Sony doesn't need to be there PS5 would get attention either way but would be nice if they were.


Jan 31, 2010
Canada, Toronto
Well I can understand Sony’s point of view.
At E3 people always draw comparisons, some devs work may be buried by other more interesting titles. By having their own event they are catering to their own audience and they have the time to bask in the media as they will cover it regardless. There seems to be a lot of noise and E3 be open to the public lost all that sense of exclusive to the press. It almost feels like another convention. Unveils are great, but it differs from Hall H Comicon experience.

Sony will make money regardless. Nintendo took a risk with Nintendo Direct and it suceeded. They realized most of their audience won’t be able to physically attend and watch over the internet. They saved a lot of money and issues with this. Reducing on stage screwups. Everything except audience reactions, but we get that on internet youtube videos isolated from the whole audience.