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Microsoft’s 20th Anniversary Xbox controller has been revealed early


I got the Forza controller last week and the anniversary one today. They’re both nice, but holy shit is the rubberized grips on the Forza controller so much nicer than their other controllers.

I agree, the Forza controller feels really nice.



Incoming Nov 15th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Going to package it up and save it for my kid and then use it as my own.
Just about to push the order button on the series S too to accompany my SX just because FOMO.

its readily available now... Im worried after back and forth on deciding whether we need more Series Boxes, that it may sell out and be hard to get during the holiday season.


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Got mine in the mail today. Looks great.


Made a crappy phPBB forum once ... once.
Randomly browsing the Microsoft store and saw they had these back in stock so treated myself to one.


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I've sold Xbox one controller (I am using only for pc) and dongle. Just because I could sell it for 40usd so why not.
So now I need to get a new smaller dongle and series controller. Noticed 20th is cheaper tiny bit than regular white so why not. I had 360 since 2006/7 so it's not my nostalgia but still
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