Microsoft: Ashen and Cuphead are "lifetime" console exclusives

May 12, 2006
It's so good to see everyone pushing and funding weird indie downloadable games like these. Cuphead looks like a Masterpiece, and kudos to MS for presumably helping to fund it.

Cuphead, just from a visual standpoint, looks fantastic. It's a shame it'll be an exclusive because I don't plan on getting an Xbox
You'll be able to play it on a PC and maybe even on Mac/iOS/Android.
Nov 10, 2006
It's interestingly ironic that Cuphead if it were not coming to PC, would make me buy and Xbox like now.

I'm definitely jumping in eventually. But that would get me to pony up real fast. What a visual feast that game looks to be.
Sep 27, 2009
I really love how so many "exclusives" are also on PC. It's really great for me even though I have everything I prefer PC when I can. Consoles still have exclusive exclusives like Halo and Uncharted so and often time timed exclusivity on things that might come to PC eventually (like FF Type-0 HD).
Jan 20, 2013
Exclusivity is never a good thing. Thankfully I have a good PC, so I will be able to play Cuphead, at least.
How so?

What if they couldn't get the game done as envisioned without signing a contract? know what, I'm tired of discussing all this funding stuff here. It's hopeless.
Apr 15, 2011
Huh, good thing E3 sold me on an XB1 fully, though there was enough that when it was convenient I'd want one.

... And that I can always get on PC if it takes too long to get THAT convenient. Actually, come to think of it PC's sort of looking like some sort of neutral ground where everything can come together (as long as it isn't Destiny seriously what the shit Bungie.)