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Microsoft is "All In" on Gaming according to CEO Satya Nadella


Microsoft is clearly serious as shit about Xbox but the only scary part is that

1) Of the big three, they have by far the loosest grasp on what makes gaming great and what core gamers want. They tend to chase success stories above all, and overlook well-loved titles and IPs. The danger in that is potentially bursting bubbles and losing fickle customers while spurning loyal ones they can have on board for the long term. Nintendo and Sony both understand the importance of keeping players coming back, especially between generations.

2) If something's not working immediately, they'll bin it and try something else. You can see this in every aspect of Xbox. Again, this comes down to the fact that they don't really understand their audience as well as the other two do. Nintendo and Sony will anticipate an opportunity and fabricate a product to take advantage of it. MS' approach is more like cynically fishing for opportunities (usually based on trends) and hoping gamers bite. And for Xbox gamers, this isn't good, because if a product doesn't perform, it (and most likely the team behind it) will come to an end, sometimes before a game is even released.

I've had great times with Xbox over the years, and I'm sure I'll continue to do so, but I can't deny that seeing Microsoft aggressively gain so much power so quickly is something I'm completely comfortable with.
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