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Microsoft Netherlands posts Killzone Shadow Fall shot on official facebook page.

Probably thread worthy



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Did SEGA even make this many mistakes leading up to the Saturn? Obviously the Internet was not as widespread but...


How can they make such a simple mistake? Why not just put the Halo TV Show logo or something? Sure its not a real game at all but its Halo and people identify it as the Xbox mascot?

Did they even watch the MS conference?


It can't be Killzone, it's about top games.

If this is real, get your shit together Microsoft. Your PR is horrible.

It's almost midnight, maybe they left work after 6pm?

I guess......but it is the internet, you could change it whilst taking a dump these days.
You thought MS was confused in Q/A after the Xbone reveal, well look at them now. They're so damn confused now they don't even know what games are on the Xbone and which ones aren't.
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