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Microsoft pitches Xbox One to small businesses


MS registered www.officexbox.com and .net domains today.



While Microsoft views the Xbox One as “an excellent entertainment device” the company claims that the new console can be so much more. It argues that the Xbox platform is so robust and reliable that it can be a great option in terms of video conferencing and as a networking platform.

Skype, Skydrive, Internet Explorer and Smartglass are some of the apps that come with the Xbox One that could be valuable for SMBs. Microsoft explains that due to such baked in-apps, the ability to integrate with other Microsoft devices via Smartglass, and the possibility of future third party business dedicated apps make the Xbox One and its $499 price tag a great option for small businesses.

Videoconferencing for $499 - why not... it's not that people don't already have those things called PCs to do that.


PCs ... and smartphones ... and tablets ... hell, even those Smart TVs have Skype apps now.

But yeah, no, sure ... small businesses are definitely going to buy the shit out of a $499 box with 150 watt power consumption JUST to have Skype. There's no way around it, Microsoft finally found a demographic!


We know Xbone isn't a videogame console Microsoft, we know... You don't have to keep reminding us.

That's why I'm not buying one


Is Sony brings back "Other OS" like they are rumored to be with the PS4, How irrelevant does Xbox1's small bussiness push become?
They can't actually believe it's more productive to use Internet Explorer, or any browser, on an xbox with voice commands.

Also, Skype is on everything and if you need a webcam it's not $499.


Hipster Princess
Sort of makes sense but most small buisnesses are, you know, small. They wouldn't really need conferencing.

Powerpoint viewer for Xbox One, operable via voice/gestures, doesn't seem so unlikely now.

Wave hand to view next slide.

Is Sony brings back "Other OS" like they are rumored to be with the PS4, How irrelevant does Xbox1's small bussiness push become?

XB1 has everything required in the box ready to go the moment it's plugged in.
It also makes a great space heater, and why get a baby sitter when you have Xbox One? You can leave it running all night as white noise to help you sleep, or just adorn a shelf in your China Hutch and admire its sleek attractive design. It slices, it dices, and it's so easy to clean! You'll wonder how you ever lived without it.
I would be very surprised if Skype didn't make its way to PS4 at some point. If it doesn't I could easily see Viber making an app and introducing video calling as well.


Eh, for the same price, they also sell Surface, that also has Skydrive, Skype, IE etc., and is much more convenient for business (especially since it also has powerpoint). Just saying.


I would be very surprised if Skype didn't make its way to PS4 at some point. If it doesn't I could easily see Viber making an app and introducing video calling as well.

I think "Google Hangouts" would be more likely. It's the only thing that would match the hype of "Skype" on Xbox1.


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The machine is already running Windows 8. Just add a mouse and keyboard and you're done. Not that I want any part of it but

The Kinect for powerpoint comment made me laugh.

Kinect: Next slide
Xbox1: <nothing>

Kinect: <slightly louder> Next slide
Xbox1: <still nothing>

Kinect:<shouts> Next slide
Xbox1: Starts playing Forza 5

Yeah. I wouldn't use Kinect in any business environment. It's voice recognition doesn't work nearly good enough.


Knowing how cheap it would be to build a PC that you would only use for business/office use, Microsoft pushing the $500 XBOX1 is LAUGHABLE. I'm pretty sure Microsoft already has WIndows 8 products like the "Surface" & "Surface Pro" in this price range, that is much more suitable for business/office use & doesn't take up as much space as the Xbox1.
"You might think the Xbox One is just a game's console. In reality, it's so much more. Xbox One gives you the opportunity to weigh down paper on your desk in an exciting, innovative way. In the past, your paperwork may have blown away if you had the window open. With Xbox One, such concerns are a thing of the past. Use your Xbox One as a paperweight and experience the future - today."


  • TVTVTVSports Box
  • Webcam for video conferences/constant spying
  • Snap (crackle, pop)
  • Water cooler

The Xbox ONE truly does everything!*

*May or may not actually play video games.


The Kinect for powerpoint comment made me laugh.

Kinect for powerpoint is actually the only point they may have. Most people in public presentations usually have to find some tricks to be able to switch slides while they're walking around the stage, using different device (remote, wireless mouse, smartphone), which usually ends with someone staying near the PC and waiting for small signs from the presenter to push a key. Which doesn't always work well either.
Voice commands are certainly reliable enough for that, and so are gestures.


Nintendo's Pro Bono PR Firm
Xbox one, trojan horse for their B2B business, well I didn't see that coming (except for the cloud part, which is obviously a tremendous Azure reference).
Well PS3 was used by the military to create a "supercomputer" when you would think they would have PC's to do this.

The Cell is pretty good at crunching numbers. The PS4 was pretty much the cheapest device out there that uses the Cell processor so its not surprising they'd use it for supercomputer related stuff.

In the same vein, the Xbox One might have the same utility as a business device but just like with the TV crap, I don't think it solves any problem that hasn't already been solved.



In an open letter to the small business community (via Neowin), Microsoft's director of Consumer Camp Marques Lyons said Skype, SkyDrive and other applications available on the console could be of benefit to offices that use video conferencing and networking.

"What is being positioned as an excellent entertainment device can be just as enticing for you and your small business," he wrote.

"In fact, it's entirely justifiable to make the Xbox One a business expense. The Xbox One, priced at $499 [£429], is an affordable option for small business owners, as there are many features built into the console that could help it rival even the most modest of video conferencing and networking platforms."

Lyons pointed to Skype on Xbox One, which comes with the new Kinect sensor, as of particular interest to small businesses.

"Utilise Skype, and the power of group chatting, to have that collaborative exchange with clients and co-workers, no matter where in the world they happen to be," Lyons said.

"Utilize the size of that nice TV screen to see every smile and nod as your next great plan comes together. The Xbox One with Kinect, as a Skype provider, is just as capable as a PC with an attached/included microphone and webcam. The difference here is that Xbox One and Kinect gives you the open space to move, gesture, show examples, and see everyone more clearly."

Lyons also mentioned Microsoft's cloud-based document storing platform SkyDrive, which on Xbox One works with Kinect-enabled voice and hand gestures.

"With SkyDrive via Internet Explorer, you can use it with the Office Web Apps to open that Excel spreadsheet or PowerPoint," he said. "Use the Kinect voice and hand gestures to navigate to websites. Now you're free of clickers and light pens to use your hands to for more expressive gestures."


wow... I don't know if I should either laugh or cry


I would love to be able to bring my games to work. We currently use Smartboards in all of the conference rooms and this basically does the same thing but a lot cheaper.
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