Microsoft registers and

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Its like the Dominon War in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Nintendo is The Dominion, and Microsoft are the Klingons and Sony are the Romulans. They have to team up to beat The Dominion in the end, see.

Meanwhile, Valve are the Q and don't notice these wars between the lesser powers.
Sony computers already run Windows. 360 2 scheduled to run Windows 9.

Everyone using an AMD processor.

MS using Cell.

Sony calls PSN hack "a learning experience."

Sony to offer "Kinect-like" experience with PS4.



An blind dancing ho
1- Microsoft to buy Sony
2- Microsoft to merge with Sony
3- Microsoft VS Sony fighting game.
4- They are just doing it for laughs

Pick one,Choose wisely. :p
KarmaCow said:
Or Sony buying Microsoft and they want to be ready.
Microsoft: Total assets US$ 86.113 billion (2010)
Sony: Total assets ¥11.22 trillion / $188.694 billion (2010)

If total assets is the best way to determine company size, damn your right. I'd expect a merger though.
FTH said:
Well, Sony Ericsson was one of the top 10 brands to disappear this year. So maybe Sony is folding them in, and just rebranding their phones "Sony".

...either that or new laptops / tablets / dinghies.
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