Microsoft Studios' creative director has some choice words about always-online


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Umm people who read Gameinformer or participate in their polls are also in the minority. Hardcore gamers like us are the minority, no matter how much we would like to believe otherwise. How else do people think the Wii sold as much as it did? How else do some of the biggest releases for these platforms only manage something like 15 million at their peak, but usually around the 4-5 mill mark?

How else do people think Kinect rose the 360's sales so much? And the irony of this whole thing is that the PS4 is probably "always on," which is what makes this entire thing funnier. It just doesn't require an internet connection, but it's likely always on in the same way peoples cable or satellite receivers are, or the way Apple TV is, or in the way that I'm pretty certain the next xbox is as well.

Im sorry I must of missed the news where the PS4 bricks itself from playing any games without a internet connection, care to share?.


well, we made it. bring on the gifs!

People are so pissed about this story. Everything and anything is being posted online. There is a gameinformer poll less than a thousand voted on and it's being talked about seriously in another thread.

You would think this guy was Cliffy B or something. He is some unknown Creative Director on an unknown game. Headlines read like he is Aaron Greenberg. LOL

Hopefully MS brings their A game looks like people are ready for them to give up their spot.


The irony of all of this is, the backlash might be so great already that they could scrap the "always online" model before they even announce it. Perhaps this douche actually did Microsoft a huge favor.

That's just wishful thinking though.

People bitched about Windows 8 (and aren't buying it) and MS went full speed ahead.

MS has an agenda and they're not going to deviate from that because a vocal minority (we're a minority, regardless of what you thing) is bitching on-line about it.
People bitched about Windows 8 (and aren't buying it) and MS went full speed ahead.

MS has an agenda and they're not going to deviate from that because a vocal minority (we're a minority, regardless of what you thing) is bitching on-line about it.

Windows 8 sales show that the it isnt the minority that bitched. Same can happen to nextbox.
That is the most generic story ever. "New Xbox coming, it's going to be cool says MS employee!"

Yeah but that not the important part:

Software Development Engineer - Lead
Microsoft - XBOX
May 2012 – Present (1 year)Xbox Live - Video Cognition
Managing the Infrastructure and Systems team for the Video Cognition Xbox team
- Currently working on cool new features for the next Xbox!
- unable to share due to NDA

Video Processing for DRM'd Content
- Design, Implement and deploy video processing pipeline for DRM'd videos for indexing into
the Xbox video catalog
- Visual processing and scene detection
- Feed generation for Xbox Smartglass Layers

Technologies: Python, PostGreSQL, Ubuntu, Hadoop, HBase, C#, C++*2_*2_*2_*2&pvs=ps&trk=pp_profile_name_link

Very interesting if true.


You know, I really think this guy was very uncouth in the way he handled the situation, but I still don't understand this sick fascination people have with mocking people to the point of where they are some sort of internet-pariah.

In the end, even if the original person involved is in the wrong, everyone making these dumb jokes and childish memes kind of take the air out of anything, and makes everyone look like some part of internet shadenfraude gang looking for the next person to mock . Instead of focusing on the issue at hand, people are too fixated on trying to make the next "funny." It's just childish.


Very interesting if true.

That's interesting indeed. What's the use case there ? Watch a movie on live TV or youtube, have the xbox recognize the scene and offer to buy/rent it ? Or just scan your divx collection and get official digital content from a video store ? (sort of like mp3 are handled now)
Of course it could also be used to control the content that can be streamed from a console (or another piece of hardware).

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I see the debate has now turned to "what exactly does always online mean", even though it's obvious what the answer is.
The final form of the debate is going to be whether or not it's DRM and whether or not it matters.

If it is always online, Microsoft is not going to call it "online DRM", they're going to SimCity it. The difference is that some people will decide to believe them.


No disk drive for 720?
MCV has learnt that Microsoft has been telling partners that the Next Xbox will NOT include a disc drive.

The briefings have been issued under what MCV’s source describes as “the strictest NDA” they have ever encountered.

Although the console will not include a disc drive, it will offer compatibility with some sort of interchangeable solid-state card storage, although it is not known whether this will be proprietary or a more standard format such as SD.

Furthermore, a 2013 launch date for the hardware has been confirmed. What is less clear, however, is the intended timing of Microsoft’s announcement.


These rumors are so silly. I don't understand how people haven't realized that these sites are doing this shit for hits most of the time.


"strictest NDA ever", but they're still leaking info on release date and hardware... weird.
Anyway at least it confirms the older info about MS being very, very focused on avoiding leaks. I hope the surprise will be worth it in the end.
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