Microsoft teases for E3 with countdown: "And it's on..."

Ho snap... hoping for PS4 as well!

I have no loyalty between the two... whichever has the most JRPG's, I will get! It'll likely be PS4 again though.
If the new gen is anything like this gen, I'm gonna kill myself.
It'll be even better because every new nexbox will come with a Kinect day 1!

That means devs can put Kinect in everything without having to worry about userbase adoption rates!

And i'll bet anything at least that 50% of their showing will be new Kinect focused.
I was considering not taking off work for E3 for the first time ever after how horrible the show was last year. But this is getting the hype meter rising.


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I guess Microsoft is telling Sony that they're ready to go and have laid down the gauntlet. How will Sony respond now?
You know what, it's what I'm most interested in seeing. Kinect has some promise, it was just not ready for prime time.
I hate it as a gamer, but love it when I do casual playing with younger cousins, nieces/nephews, and my friends when we get drunk.

Fruit Ninja is awesome when drunk, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


I need to start drinking now so I'm used to it by June.
I've almost come to terms with it, thankfully. I'll join you though to finish the process.