Microsoft to offer 3$ per 1000 views if you promote XBO

Majanew I stumbled across his channel about a week ago and then realised this was the guy I've heard being mentioned a couple of times so thought I'd watch for a bit.

I have yet to understand why there are so many who would subscribe and watch that crap.
There are a LOT of children out there who giggle at incessant screaming and rape jokes. These children aren't smart enough to install Adblock for YouTube.

There's your answer to PewDiePie's 7-figure / 8-figure salary.
You know what guys? I was wrong. I just want to make it clear that I understand where you were all coming from. I mean, I understood the math and everything (I wouldn't be a very good software developer if I didn't know a thing or two about it :) ) but for some reason I was just incessantly marching on with my logic, refusing to really take a step back and think straight for a minute. So for that, I just want to admit that I was wrong, and I apologise for derailing the thread.
Stats for This Campaign:

Total channels: 78
Total subscriber base for indoctrination: 11,789,990
Amount of channels with >10,000 subscribers: 47 out of 78 (60%)
Amount of channels with >100,000 subscribers: 20 out of 78 (26%)
Amount of channels with >1,000,000 subscribers: 4 out of 78 (5%)

Top 10 channels subscribed to this campaign (by number of subscribers):
#1. 2,141,274
#2. 1,822,760
#3. 1,621,713
#4. 1,456,657
#5. 780,116
#6. 510,558
#7. 357,661
#8. 327,559
#9. 205,780
#10. 200,012

Maximum amount that Microsoft will pay for all of this exposure? A mere $3,750.
Mind Blown

I still can't understand why MS did this. We were inundated with xb1 ads in Nov and Dec, especially on all the dudebro channels, like ESPN, Comedy Central, Spike and syfy. You couldn't change the channel without seeing one of their annoying adverts. I just now saw one of their adverts on ESPN with a quote that said something like "this is the best video game machine mankind has ever seen" and the quote was on some nobody's twitter account. Yes, Microsoft is really airing this ad on national tv. They have the old cliche European accents and all.
Man, why MS didnt use this marketing funding to include better hardware boggles my mind every single day.
I was wondering the same thing as were quite few other people in this thread. Had to have been a half a billion dollar ad buy for November and December with those non stop ads in prime time. I'm glad some of the mainstream media covered this situation, I wouldn't have known about if it wouldn't have been for Yahoo's homepage featuring the Forbes article about it all day yesterday. I need to come back to gaf more often. On a related note, Machinima has put up their "apology/damage control" response video, which I found quite amusing. The comments under the vid are ripping them a new one.