Microsoft to offer 3$ per 1000 views if you promote XBO

So this get's out the same day major Nelson asks for us to stop the internet hate.

There is a reason MS are getting such bad PR and it's stuff like this.

Also inb4 someone changes the EA/IGN gif to MS/YT.


Don't worry, I'll vouch for them.
And just like that, every credible Youtube reviewer is out of my playlist.[IMG][/QUOTE]

It is fucking ridiculous.

[quote="Tyrax, post: 97522304"]an image with no link or further information. Looks credible enough to me. Hang on, I need to find my pitchfork[/QUOTE]
Keep on reading the thread and you will get there....we can wait.
Alright guys, what's our hashtag going to be? Let's set fire to some internet dumpsters and overturn some internet cars.

Looks like standard MCN monetization taken out of context. Xbox has adbuy with Machinima - Machinima circulates to their channels.
nope, it is not an ad... it is in addition to the normal ads that you run... so basically be nice to XB1 and promote it, and they give you money + you get regular YT monetization
I'm going to assume it's just a Machinima/MS partnership? Or are other MCNs on board?

Either way, can't wait until the backlash of people that don't receive their pay.