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Microsoft will buy Valve or atleast Steam


My first thought was 'impossible' but then I wondered, if Valve is private who would get the cash if it sold out? Would every dollar go straight to Gabe?

If so a huge sale would likely earn him more than what he'll earn simply owning it, and would let him retire or do other things.


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Hari Seldon

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I'm guessing Gabe gets an offer from Apple, Disney, Netflix, Sony, Facebook and MS at least once a year for the last 10 years. If it were to be for sale it would be an open auction to see which super corp is going to pay the most for it.
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This is obviously bullshit but let's say for sake of argument its true, but can $MS even afford Valve? I don't know how much Valve would be valued at but my guess is it won't be cheap.


It would be the worst thing possible for PC gaming. Steam (and Valve in general) is the only thing keeping Microsoft in check as far as PC gaming is concerned. People want the company who have tried to force UWP and Xbox Live Gold on PC gamers having control of the space?

The only people who would like/want this are the Xbox fanboys masquerading as PC gamers and Xbox fanboys who have never touched a gaming PC in their lives before.

Epic and CDPR would be licking their lips if something like this ever came to pass.

Imagine a world where everything on steam was part of game pass.

That's not how it works.
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This one actually makes perfect sense......going on steam all of the sudden, then the rumors of a ms portable that was never released, now valve has a portable.....hmmmm........ they are worth 10 billion, very affordable for MS, if gabe was even remotely considering calling it a day, now would be the time.......
It also gets them a VR platform base........
And it's also a very stable revenue base from Steam, it's an easy sell to the brass at MS HQ........
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He loves money though

Isn't MS implementing Linux compatibility on Windows? Or so I've heard.
Had a Linux subsystem for a while now to try and make it more dev friendly and now they are allow gpu hardware to be used better within that subsystem. Microsoft aren't hostile to Linux as much as people think.

I think Gabe hated the Windows S mode more than he hated Windows.


Is it still Gabe as the all mightier emperor of Valve?

Is the decision to sell his solely?

Given his age i can think this rumour may have some truth.

This makes me think of George Lucas selling Star Wars


It might go through. We are seeing bills already trying to fix the ability of platform holders to not monopolise app distribution. Whilst Microsoft could buy Steam and easily work within those bills framework, the visual of a platform holder buying the most successful independent app storefront just doesn't look particularly good.


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I can see them moving Valve to New Zealand and selling Steam to MS. I hope they don't, and Steam stays independent though..


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From an S&P and FTC perspective Private companies are far easier to purchase than public companies. Private companies are also not required to file (publicly accessible) documentation when they are approached for purchase.

Their LOI would read something like this "WTS - STEAM".
They could laugh at any Earnout Provisions that came their way by showing off user wishlist items and current preorders for 2021.

Easier than selling a PS5 on Stock-X...
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Just buy everyone, put everything on gamepass. God of war? Gamepass. New Zelda game? Gamepass. PS6? Rented through gamepass. Netflix? Download through gamepass. Private retirement funds? Requires a gamepass subscription.
Buy Space X too to make Mars colonies gamepass exclusive.
They could just buy the US goverment and put health care and vote rights on gamepass. You heard it here first.


Buy both steam and epic, close the stores down and force everybody to use the windows store.
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Why do I have a feeling the person who created the rumor, play on consoles exclusively?

Because that person is clearly completely ignorant of the fact that Valve is not on the market for multiple reasons. I say the originator of the rumor just made it up for clicks.

Valve litterally had no reason to sell itself; and what isn't for sell could not be purchased. Anyone who believed that must be an Xbox console gamer, because that is the only justification for the lack of basic knowledge.


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Microsoft does a lot more for the UI, features and so on. It could be good, but it could also be bad, and they can't treat Steam like Games for Windows Live.


Would explain why MS hasn’t gone into VR. They’ll just buy Valve. And Steam Deck to boot.

Ps. It’s bullshit.
What does this even mean?

I don't think this will ever happen but this guy has no idea what he is talking about.
(Edit. came out too rude. sorry.)

"Private Company" means the company's stocks is not available for purchase in a stock market.

i can, right now, buy a piece of Apple, Microsoft, Sony, or Samsung. If i have infinite funds and available stock, I could potential buy 51% of any of these companies and thus make myself the controlling owner of one of these companies. (Technically not possible for most of them because of stock availability. Not to mention South Korean government would block any attempt of a Samsung foreign takeover, as Samsung supply local military hardware.)

On the other hand, private companies have stocks that are not on the market. That doesn't mean you can't buy them, but you can only do so by directly talking to the owners and personally make a deal with them. But what kind of deal can Microsoft even make with Gabe? Gabe has fuck-you-money already. Gabe is running Valve because he wants to run Valve, and he is researching VR because he wants to reserach into VR. Also collect knives of all kinds. Regardless you can't buy Valve off Gabe because he has more money than he knows what to do with it.
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Gabe would never, ever accept any offer from MS

Valve doesnt need any money. They are filthy rich.

They also wouldnt have the liberty to do their own thing like they do know. To experiment with new tech, launch niche games like Alyx, Steam Deck.

They would also bleed talent. Everyone that works at Valve can do what they want, basicaly. Thats why they have so many talented people doing whatever.

This is not happening. I bet my account. Ban me if so.
1) gabe is ok with Ms
he also said publicly that Xbox series x is better than PS5
2) depend on the type of acquisition
3) if they would do it they would do it for the steam store not for valve games so they would care zero about those talents they would find others
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