Mighty n.09 backer rewards update (Is Comcept fault)

Hey folks, this is Steve from Fangamer. We've been receiving a lot of questions from Mighty No. 9 backers regarding their remaining physical rewards, and I figured I would chime in here to clarify what's going on from our end.

We (Fangamer) were contracted by Comcept to produce and fulfill the physical rewards (up to the $250 tier) for their Kickstarter project, however this is contingent on Comcept providing us with the necessary assets we need for fulfillment.

The question we've been receiving the most has been ”When will you begin shipping the rewards?". The remaining physical rewards are currently in production, and while we can provide estimates based on our (Fangamer's) internal time-frames (e.g. Early-2017), these estimates are based on the assumption that we will receive all required assets from Comcept, and unfortunately we currently do not know when they will give them to us. Therefore, until we receive everything we need from Comcept, we cannot give a specific shipping time-frame just yet.

Also please keep in mind that our involvement in this project is limited to merch production and fulfillment for Comcept. While we're happy to answer questions sent to our orders@fangamer.com customer support email address, we are not involved with providing updates or PR for this project; that is Comcept's responsibility.

The Mighty No. 9 shirts, plushies, and boss posters were shipped off in 2015. If you were eligible for but haven't received these items, please contact orders@fangamer.com for support.

The artbook and strategy guide are done, we have the digital versions, how hard can it be to send Fangamer the necessary assets to produce the other stuff?. The game was released 6 months ago....
What a surprise that Comcept is at fault here. And of course, the 3DS and Vita versions still aren't out, so backers that chose those platforms still have Comcept and Fangamer on the hook for those codes.
This is fucking ridiculous. I didn't even back or play the game and I'm pissed. This is some scummy shit, Comcept.

The fiasco that keeps on giving.

What about the signed sketches? Those have (apparently) been completed for over a year, judging from the video released of Inafune signing them. What, have they just been sitting in the offices for this long? Used to start a fire to keep the employees warm?

I'm still missing out on so many physical items and, while I don't even care about the game one way or another, I want what I'm owed. Simple as that.
Crazy to think what a 180 everything has become from announcement to today. What a mess...
At this point, my money would have been better spent on a private live-stream of a snowman slowly melting as the season transitions from winter into spring. I would have gotten more value/enjoyment out of that.


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The only regret I have is not pledging for Shovel Knight instead. I feel like even if a only an 8th of us MN9 backers went for SK instead we could have gotten a few more playable knights and tinker knight being possibly among them. Regret of things that will never be.
In hindsight it's pretty clear that Comcept, more specifically Inafune, had a very poor grasp of crowdfunding from the beginning. On Double Fine's Youtube page you can look at some of the behind the scenes stuff on Psychonauts and a lot of it is Tim Schafer planning on the in's and outs of the crowdfunding mechanics. To the point where I think it'd be fair to say that he worked almost as hard on that as he did the actual game. On the other hand, Inafume seems to of just believed it was a free money source.
I can't even remember what physical merch I backed for. Doesn't really matter though, I'm pretty much over the game. Though I'm upset the game didn't live up to expectations I've accepted how it played out because i went in full well knowing that it's never a guaranteed thing no matter who is at the helm.

I'm also one of the suckers that backed Red Ash.
Comcept really needs to sort themselves out because they're burning a lot of bridges with their most faithful supporters. I didn't back Teri games but known people who did and have now sworn off ever getting a comcept product.
They really shouldn't of promised the game on so many different platforms.

Wasn't it like 9 or 10 different ones by the end of the campaign? Fucking nuts.
This project is one of the most entertaining things I've ever seen. I didn't even have to pay money, and got quite a bit of fun just watching at the sidelines.
This is not a KS problem, it is a Inafune/Comcept problem.
Well, to be fair, every crowdfunding campaign comes with a certain risk, and if a person is not comfortable with that, he/she should not put money towards it. And especially not to higher levels with promised physical rewards.

This is perhaps not a typical case, but it has happened several times before. I read about the Carmageddon campaign some months ago, where according to comments on the projet page, the devs had not shipped physical rewards, DRM free versions or Mac versions, and had stopped responding to requests about it.
I'm not surprised at all.

...On the other hand, Inafume seems to of just believed it was a free money source.
Legally speaking, it's free money =(.., at least we learned not to trust Inafune ever again, but this left me with a shitty sensation about kickstarter, I think I never got a product on time, and still waiting for other 2.. (but, that's a discussion for another thread)
spent 150,- on this. i dont even care anymore, that money is gone. if i ever receive my stuff, i would give it away or try to sell it (lol).
Its pretty obvious at this point that the 3ds and vita versions are never coming out and they've decided to just cut and run with the money. I'm never touching anything by Inafune ever again.
Its pretty obvious at this point that the 3ds and vita versions are never coming out and they've decided to just cut and run with the money. I'm never touching anything by Inafune ever again.
They spent the money making the versions of the game (and the physical rewards) that presently exist, they're not just sitting on a pile of cash.
No one will trust Inafune again. His reputation is done.
He had a few good games like Soul Sacrifice for example but yeah not gonna buy his games ever again.

It's pretty sad tbh how this all turned out and peoole still not having their stuff after so long.