Mighty No.9 Kickstarter (PS4/XB1 & Vita/3DS are GO!) (Inafune/IC, $4M FUNDED)


Mighty No. 9 is being developed for the PC with gamepad support (of course!), and will be made available through Steam and DRM-free digital distribution methods. Other platforms, including home consoles, Mac, and Linux, are a high priority, but only if we can afford them via stretch goals. Should we reach those goals, anyone funding the project will be allowed to choose which version of the game they would like to receive. The estimated release date is spring 2015.
Looks like Megaman if Megaman got an edgy 90s makeover.

I dig it!

Eh, Megaman X never really struck me as "edgy." This new kid looks like he's Megaman with a 'tude.

Zero was supposed to be the design for X and he fits the 90s tude to a tee
Ignoring that whole idea behind the X series is 90s as hell compared to classic Megaman
Ah. Only ever played games from X and beyond so in my mind I've always seen those games as standard Megaman. Though my original intent was just to compare the character designs rather than the entire games.