Mighty No. 9 Officially delayed - No new date, "aiming for Q1 2016"

Mar 20, 2006
We have an important announcement to share with our backers.

Although we understand that everyone was looking forward to playing Mighty No. 9
as soon as possible, a release delay is going to be announced for the game at Gamescom 2015, which is
currently being held in Cologne, Germany.

This is a project that would not have existed without the support of our backers,
so we at least wanted to deliver this news to our backers before it is officially announced.

We are unable to confirm a final release date at this time, however we will be aiming for a release in Q1 2016.
Once a solid release date is set, we will announce it immediately to our backers and fans.

Of course, it is important to explain why exactly the game is being delayed.
As we have communicated in the updates to our backers, all of the core content for the game is developed and in a complete state.
However, there are still bugs and issues pertaining to the online features that are included in the game. These bugs and issues
have a direct affect on enjoyment of the game, so a decision was made to work these issues out before release.

Currently, comcept and their partners are working at full capacity to resolve these issues
and fix any remaining bugs.

In addition, we have received quite a few requests for additional information
regarding the various platforms that are part of the platform survey we have sent out.

We have also only managed to receive around half of the total responses needed
for the survey.

Considering the fact that the game’s release has been delayed, we are planning to
open another platform survey once a final release date has been settled upon.

We will continue to deliver the most up-to-date info to our backers and fans
through our forum updates, so please keep an eye out!

We appreciate your support and patience regarding this matter, and look
forward to delivering Mighty No. 9 to our backers and fans in the best state possible
There you go, blame the bugs or Inafune, lol

This text is on the official forums, only backers can see it.
May 8, 2009
I like how they waited until after the Red Ash kickstarter failed to announce it.

If they announced it during the kickstarter, it probably would've gotten even less.


or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Realize This Assgrab is Delicious
Dec 5, 2005
I completely want the idea of a Mega Man and Mega Man Legends indie successor... why did they make this so hard?

I don't even care that it's delayed. I can wait. I care that it's fed into the fan consensus that Mighty No. 9 is a troubled and poisonous project.
Jul 17, 2013
Lugo, Galicia, Spain
What a stupid idea to deny the delay last week when they knew they would have to announce it anyway. Now it just makes them look worse.
They can't really look worse at this point.

I just feel really sorry for Megaman fans at this point.
At least Megaman's brand is still intact and will probably be best handled by Capcom that by Inafune.
Mar 31, 2009
So they're fixing "online features"? :/

I had hoped they'd take the time to make the game look halfway presentable.

I'm not surprised they received so few survey responses since a lot of people who backed probably don't really care anymore
Jun 1, 2013
About time they fucking said something.

Scumbags probably knew for a while considering the retailers pushed back the date a month ago.
Jul 11, 2014
too many cooks in the PR department?

but definitely makes Comcept seem amateurish with this and Red Ash being terribly organized at the same time.
Honestly, it seems that its not so much as wires crossed as them wanting the red ash ks to be successful. I have a feeling if their new KS was successful they wouldve never announced the delay.


Feb 13, 2013
In a box
I'm confused. I backed this game way back then (Mostly because I did it out of hype. I don't even want the game anymore), and I haven't followed it since then

Can anyone summarize what's triggered all this hostility? I'm legit surprised. I thought everything was going well, and GAF was pretty happy with it