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Milo on "Legion of Skanks" podcast (SJW nonsense of course..)


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Oct 11, 2017
For those who dont know "Legion of Skanks" is about the filthiest non-PC podcast out there.

Hosted by Big Jay Okerson, Luis Gomez and Dave Smith

They usually do a live show at "The Creek and Cave" bar/club in Long Island. NY.

Well... they got Milo to be on the episode..and it didnt go well..

After threats from ANTIFA the podcast with Milo was moved.
(Facebook post by Rebecca the owner)

The podcast was done..in a 'secret location's

It was the L.o.S. squad and Milo plus Ari Shaffir!!
And is was AWESOME!!!

Fucking Hilarious podcast! A Milo + Ari podcast would be awesome!

So... that's not the end tho...

The Creek was vandalized...
And now the Legion of Skanks podcast is out of there.

Last episode.

Some highlights for people who never heard of L.oS.



May 5, 2013
I mentioned this in another thread.
Some other interesting things that came out of that show were that Milo claimed he'd had a billionaire backer, that he intentionally drew attacks on college campuses because he knew it would show people how bad things were, and that he considers himself one of 7 people who got Trump elected (he named Ann Coulter and Steve Bannon as two of the others; not sure about the rest).
Milo was in full outrageous mode, really funny and charming. To give you an idea of what kind of show this was, the guys had Milo rank them in order of how do-able they are, and Milo reported his evil landlady to ICE on-air (only leaving the room when saying her name).

I knew of Legion of Skanks because I listen to Dave Smith's "Part of the Problem" podcast. Dave, a hardcore and very well-informed libertarian, is much more political than the other LoS members along with being an excellent comedian. This was the first time I listened to a full LoS episode, and I thought it was hilarious.
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Boss Mog

Dec 12, 2013
I skimmed through some of it. I can't really stand Milo for more than like a few minutes.
I landed on a few interesting parts. First off was the fact that Milo says that Joe Rogan is the new target that the leftists and MSM are going to target for deplatforming within the next 6 months. The other thing that caught my attention but I don't really believe, is that Milo claims he started the "OK sign as a white supremacy symbol" thing.


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Jun 3, 2013
LoS is the fucking best. They're literally the only comedians I follow anymore. They're not even the funniest guys imo, but their banter is fantastic, they will joke about absolutely anything with anyone. I never get tired of the Louis impression.