Mind Blown: Final Fantasy's ATB and Gambits were inspired by American Football

If there is such a thing as "timing" on the internet, than the 1st post has it.

On topic, when you think about it really does seem a little obvious, the similarities between Gridiron(the superior name for American Football) and the Gambit/ATB system. Cool postmortem.

Also, this made me lol: *What are your thoughts on FFXII?*

"It's a project where we overdid everything."
did you know the weapons in final fantasy were inspired by tools used to murder people
Did you know that spells in Final Fantasy were based off of real life elements?!

American Football is my favorite band. I was hoping it was about that.

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Used to murder social injustice. Also used by cheerleaders to murder the other teams confidence. ALL COMES BACK TO FOOTBALL.


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Playing FF12 suddenly makes a lot more sense to me. They should have expained it that way from the beginning. "It's like calling plays in an NFL game."


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Well you see there's this ball and you need to get it to the other side of the field by any means necessary.

Just like how in FFXII there's this monster and you need to kill it by any means necessary.
But why do they have to stop and take a breather every five meter? Are they so out of shape? Are the armor they're wearing too heavy to carry for longer distances? Do they need to stop and ask for directions?
I've played FF12 and most of the ATB ones as well. I still don't understand American Football.
On offense there are big fast guys who take the ball and run, one big guy guy with a computer brain and strong arm who throws the ball, taller big fast guys who run down field to catch the ball, and then really, really big guys who sumo wrestle other really, really big guys at the line of from where the ball starts, one set of big guys protecting the guy who throws the ball and making spots for the guys who run to run through without the other set of big guys smashing them into the ground.

Defense also has smaller big fast guys in their back field, some of whom cover the big fast guys trying to catch the ball, others who try to fly through the line and kill the big guy who throws the ball.

After a play, where everyone exerts maximum effort, they then rest, to allow the really, really big guys to get oxygen back to their giant muscles and big fat bellies, and to allow the really smart guys to decide on the next play to feed to computer brain guy who throws the ball.

Contrast this to international football, where normal sized fast guys who never get tired run around a field for five days and have the dignity to not score points in obscene numbers, such as anything over three, and often times prefer to end in a draw, so that everyone is a winner.
Well, Dragon Age certainly did take gambits wholesale from FF12 (and the developers didn't try to hide this, they said so directly).
I enjoyed Dragon Age but they didn't even steal the Gambit system correctly. Most of the options were bugged and didn't work without modding to make them work like they're supposed to.