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Minecraft Question - from a guy who’s never played it before!


Mar 24, 2013
Almost 40 and it’s amazing that a game this popular looks just like the old PC games did when I grew up (crazy pixelation).

Reason I’m posting is I got this game for my daughter and reading up and what’s going on as initially I was expecting the PS4 edition but now I guess it’s called Bedrock? Either way, my question is how can I play coop MP (so my son can join her) online and play a match?

Right now I can only find these featured servers and when I try to add him, it says split not supported. Is the only way to play coop to start your own world and make it online? Hopefully not - she loves playing mini games and with this new version, the only way I can find them is through these featured servers. If that’s not correct, drop some knowledge on me GAF!

Cheers and HNY