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Minecraft: Wii U Edition passes Splatoon and becomes #1 LTD on the JP Wii U eShop


(Click where it says これまでに売れたソフト to see the LTD chart)


Minecraft: Wii U Edition's known numbers via Famitsu:

Ōkami;193503314 said:
Famitsu's Top 30 for December 2015 (30/11 - 3/1)

[WIU] Minecraft: Wii U Edition – 77,233 (N/A physical, 77,233 digital)

Splatoon's known numbers:

After 4 weeks

total: 368.000
retail: 310.582
digital: ~58.000
digital/retail: ~19%

After 22 weeks

total: 905.000
retail: 737.478
digital: ~168.000
digital/retail: ~23%

Minecraft version sales comparison:

Without october and december for the PS3 SKU and october for the PS4 SKU. (digital only)

As of 03/01/2016.
Minecraft (PS3, digital): 340 194
Minecraft (Vita, digital): 321 119
Minecraft (PS4, digital): 154 074
Minecraft (WiiU, digital): 77 233

Minecraft (Vita, retail): 523 780
Minecraft (PS4, retail): 28 807

Total: 1 445 207

Also, launch digital sales:
PS3 (6 days) 28 589 (or 34 days: 94 412)
Vita (26 days) 79 576
PS4 (32 days) 49 479
WiiU (18 days) 77 233

So there you have it!


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Well damn, I guess that's the power of Minecraft these days.

I'm curious to see the recent North American numbers.
About as well as you'd expect Minecraft to perform...

I don't know how I expect it to perform. Its a pretty late release on a fairly small install base at a higher price than other versions (be it with bundled content). A lot of people seemed turned off by lack of gamepad features so I really have no clue how it could have performed.


But people told me no one would buy it since it's already available on everything including toasters.

congrats to the devs, they've really created a phenomenal game that could still get those kinds of sales on the Wii U
Microsoft saved the Vita and now is saving the Wii U in Japan. Such selflessness.

The Vita version came out right around the time of the buyout, so MS had no involvement I would think. On the other hand, MS put their name on the Wii U version (literally, it's credited as being published by Microsoft Japan), no other non-MS version is, just Mojang or Sony themselves for theirs (you can say it doesn't matter as Mojang are owned by MS, but I think it does make a difference).
I can't believe Microsoft has the best selling Wii U eShop game in Japan

You know what's scary?

Minecraft on Wii U may quickly become Microsoft's most successful game of all-time in Japan with their name on it. I think Blue Dragon on 360 is otherwise at just over 200k.
Microsoft never gave up on Japan after all.

They were waiting for the right moment to strike.

Real quick

Sometimes I joke about that but I really wanted to see a parallel universe where Minecraft turns out to be a MS exclusive. I think it would sell X1/WP like hotcakes, but would that offset the lost of revenue from other platforms? Probably not otherwise they would do that now, though I still wanted to see what would happen.


What do you mean by not interesting? Not following you here.

Not interesting for MS in terms of potential sales. The budget/effort needed to make a version on the weakest platform (that is living its final years), and with a userbase not that big, divided with the rest of the 3DS userbase, is very likely not worth it.


Remember when MS bought Majong and everyone posted "They paid how much for Minecraft?? It's not that big."

If you have kids you knew how big this IP is.
I want to see it reach one million copies sold for the Vita among physical and digital sales.

It will. As of last week it was at 567k at retail (Famitsu) so combined with these digital estimates it's at 888k. If you use Media Create with retail sales it's actually even closer. Media Create has Minecraft Vita at 631k as of last week so 952k combined with these digital estimates. As for thread also great sales on WiiU.


Minecraft will be the only million selling third party game on the Wii U. Bless Microsoft for their great support.
Nintendo needs to push them to get an NX port ready for launch as well. Obviously the hype for Minecraft is not slowing down any time soon.
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