Mirror's Edge 2 up for preorder at amazon.de

I don't know what is going on with retailers today. I saw GTA V PC on Amazon.fr and GTA V PS4/Xbox One on Fnac.com that got erased quickly

Conspiracy or E3 leaking badly ?
It shows "Xbox" box art and than it shows "Xbox 360" as platform.

So if Microsoft did manage to get this game as Xbox exclusive it would be Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
I'm skeptical until I see it actually happening. Also, you just know EA are going to find a way to kick ME fans in the balls by including more shooting elements. I really hope not though.

Oh and Solar Fields must return.
I would boycott DICE and Battlefield for the rest of my life if they went exclusive on this game for the anti-consumer console.

Now the crazy buttocks post has me feeling ill...
He said there would be an exclusive title from EA. I don't think this is it. Rumors have been pointing only to Respawn's Titan. If Mirror's Edge 2 is really being revealed at E3, it should be multiplatform.
Oh goodie.

After Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3 and Dead Space 3 and The Old Republic and SimCity, SUPER EXCITED to see a Mirror's Edge 2.

I'm sure they will do it justice.
Don't know why you guys are getting excited, it's going to be a full fledged shooter this time.
I don't know if DICE can make a sequel to Mirror's Edge under the current EA but I'm sure there will be a game called Mirror's Edge 2.
Yeah that. Even if a "Mirror's Edge 2" is announced, I don't think I'll rejoice before we see a sizeable chunk of gameplay that does look true to the original.