Mirror's Edge (PC) modded for Oculus Rift support


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Head tracking is still a little wonky and HUD popups are unreadable, but it's a nice tease at what could be possible with a game of this sort designed around the hardware.


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Takes him longer to complete the level than it would if he didn't use that stuff.

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The user should set up a little coffee table or platform to stand on so they can experience the first second of the fall. :lol
Used to be if I wanted to experience motion sickness, I'd get on a bus and start reading a book.

Thanks to today's technology, I can now experience the wonderful experience of Motion Sickness comfortably at home, while playing Mirror's Edge.

Never had any problems playing FPSes before, but I am damn sure I'd throw up everywhere after playing this with the Rift.
dont forget that he use beta drivers frome someone, not from Oculus, which makes OR usable for some games. That is nothing like a game with native OR support

edit: and his laptop is to weak for good fps in stereo 3D mirrors Edge.


Thinks the Evil Empire is just misunderstood.
The drivers are calle Vieiro Perception. They actually work with a surprising number of titles. Left 4 Dead is appropriately creepy. Dear Esther is next on my list.
This is kinda cool that you can use your Rift with existing titles, but people have to clearly understand that this isn't proper support by any stretch of the imagination. It's a driver hack with mouse emulation. Don't expect too much from this kind of experience.