Miyamoto: Super Smash Bros. 4 Wii U will arrive before the end of 2014

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And as someone who isn't a Smash fan, this ties up Sakurai for another 10 months when he could be making a sequel to Kid Icarus Uprising (or a brand new game) on the Wii U.


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Not in the least bit surprising. Banked on it being their big holiday game when it was made clear early on that Mario Kart would come out first.
I want to play it a soon as I can, but I rather prefer a perfect game with plenty of content both old and new than something that I can play in the next 3 months.

But that WiiU game stream and momentum seems pretty much another promise impossible to keep.
I figured this would happen but it still sucks.

I wonder if the announced titles are all we'll get out of Nintendo on Wii U sometimes...
Damn. The Wii U lineup is bone dry. And I doubt X and SMT x FE are going to hit this year. Will we be able to count all Wii U games with our digits this year?
It gives them more time to work on it, which is a good thing at least. I was fearing they were going to rush it out to "save" the WiiU. But Smash is a game that deserves fine tuning!
Don't forget that this might be only for the Japanese release date; the rest of the world should probably expect spring 2015 like other fellow Gaffers have mentioned already
Well looks like Snake will be in after all considering how long we'll be waiting.
Didn't they cram in Sonic last minute which was the cause of the brawl delay back in the day?

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So... Mario Kart and then nothing big for longer than half a year, possibly more? I mean wow.

Wonder what this means for Smash Brothers 3DS as well, people were looking at that pushing systems through the year but if thats at the end too, Nintendo has a huge fucking problem on their gaming business for all of 2014.
Shame. So next up are Donkey (this month) and Mario Kart (May). And then Smash at year's end. Big gaps to fill with release dates of announced and hopefully some announced titles. Where's that next Nintendo Direct? Nintendo really have to address that uncertainty about Wii U in 2014 (and beyond).
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