MLB Playoffs 2017 OT:It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

No, I didn't forget.

I really meant "first few seasons with the Yanks" A-Rod. You know, the one who famously failed to show up in the post-season. I didn't think it really needed additional clarification or specification. But yea.

Is Judge gonna go 0-for or not?

Famously failed to show up while putting up a 116 wRC+ in the postseason (jeter's was 119)... okay

What's the correlation between A-Rod and Judge again?
The worst part is Joe is not owning up to it. I can’t even remotely consider defending his lack of a challenge.

Sanchez was telling the dugout and the umpire that the ball hit his bat and not his hand.

The batter was standing at the plate. He even looked confused.

Green was not in rhythm at all. He was missing pitches and Cleveland was putting good swings on him. Plus, they already visited the mound earlier so you’re perfectly fine with disrupting his shaky rhythm.

The play was a strikeout. It gets you out of a bases loaded jam with one of their best hitters at the dish. They took a commanding lead against Kluber - something not many teams can do - at their stadium in an effort to swing the momentum in their favor and bring the series to NY with that momentum.

I just can’t believe Joe.

Trust your catcher and understand the situation for fuck’s sake.

Joe will always have a job in baseball, so long as he wants it, but this is a fireable offense. This wasn’t a game in May. This was a game you needed to win.

Plus, pinch running Torreyes for Frazier was the wrong move. Not just because Torreyes got picked off (inexcusable - he shouldn’t see another inning) but because you’re going to lose Frazier’s glove. How many games has Torreyes played third?

And taking CC out at 77 pitches when he was settling in was a mistake too.

And using Robertson was asinine as well. He went 3+ 48 hours earlier, for Christ’s sake.

Joe can’t manage a bullpen this good.

Like I said, though, if they don’t win this series, Joe should be let go.
"Last 3 times a pitcher had 10+ K and 3 or fewer hits allowed in postseason:
Strasburg tonight
Moore 10/11/16
Cueto 10/7/16

Cubs won all 3*
Cubs get up to this fuckery in the regular season too. The two best starts of Gerrit Cole's career are losses to the Cubs.
I agree, that was Girardi’s worst managed game ever. Too bad the players weren’t able to bail him out.
Lost in all this was Chad Green's poor performance, Frazier's big errors, and the offense going cold after Bird's homer and not answering the grand slam with even 1 run of their own. Torreye getting picked off second was also a huge deal. Girardi deserves all the criticism he gets but the team needs to be held accountable as a whole.
"Last 3 times a pitcher had 10+ K and 3 or fewer hits allowed in postseason:
Strasburg tonight
Moore 10/11/16
Cueto 10/7/16

Cubs won all 3*
The Washington Post of all places had an interesting article talking about how the Cubs can someone snatch victory when they really shouldn't have a shot at winning the game:

The bats were getting dominated all game by Stras, yet the team took advantage of literally the only scoring opportunity they had against him. Good starting pitching definitely helps. I'll roll with Hendricks in any big game situation and think he can out pitch the competition.

I agree, that was Girardi's worst managed game ever. Too bad the players weren't able to bail him out.
At least it was only the ALDS. Joe Maddon picked game 7 of the world series to have his worst managed game of all time. He luckily got bailed out by his players. I wonder how people would think of him of a manager if the Cubs had lost that game.