MLB The Show 18 |OT| This game is 90% ready. The other half is in a patch.


Platform: PS4, PS4 Pro
Release Date: March 27th, 2018 (early access March 23rd, 2018)
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Developer : SIE San Diego Studio

US Box Art

Canadian Box Art

March always means The Show for me. It is the only annual release game I always purchase. It never lets me down. This year is a improvement of last years amazing game. They are revealing information on a schedule. Updates to this OT will happen as they release it. But we have plenty of details and videos until then.

Preordering at PS Store, Gamestop, Walmart, Target, or Best Buy grants you 4 days early access “First Pitch Weekend”. Various rewards for each store.

All Rise Edition (Gamestop Exclusive) $99.99

MVP Edition $69.99

PS Store Standard: $59.99 Gives you Early Access starting March 23,10 Standard Packs,1 Legend Card, 5,000 Stubs, Aaron Judge Rookie Flashback Card for MLB The Show 17

PS Store Digital Deluxe: $99.99Mission Starter for a Diamond Player, Mission Starter for a Gold Player, Digital Deluxe Lead Off Pack,11,000 Stubs, 1 Sponsor Pack, 1 Classic Stadium, 20 Standard Packs, 30 MLB PS4 Themes

Gameplay Trailer. That grass, and Legends... including Babe Ruth

Commentary and Presentation improvements. Reworked replay system. Doubled number of crowd animations.

Gamestop First Look and New Features

Developer Stream AI Improvements

Developer Stream The Little Things

NEW Batting Stance Creator

Griffey vs Judge playing The Show 18!!!

I only play Road to the Show. I make 2 players, 1 Pitcher and 1 Positional Player (usually 2nd Baseman) and take them from draft day to The Show.

Babe Ruth will be playable. 3 inning games for those of you in a hurry. Lots of improvements to already solid gamemodes. More information to come, lots in March. If you find some, post it in here. Will update.

Gaf, lets talk The Show. What are your past experiences? Have you yet to step into the batters box, why? How do you prefer to play? What keeps you coming back? What do you wish they would add?

Yogi Berra: Baseball is 90% mental and the other half is physical.
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News of the three Pro visual modes being improved on this year?
Did a quick Google and not yet? There game page didn't list details yet, that I seen. That information maybe out there, but I haven't seen it yet. And yes I try to stay informed on this game.

edit: they list it as an "enhanced" game
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It's been a few years since I played The Show, but I have loved every entry I've played, even dating back to the PS2. One day I'll get back into it. It's such a time sink though - in a good way, but still a black hole with no escape.
Good thread, I want that hat bad haha. This will be the first game in the series I pick up, been looking forward to it for awhile.
Good thread, I want that hat bad haha. This will be the first game in the series I pick up, been looking forward to it for awhile.
You picked a great year to start. It had a great foundation, but what they've shown so far seems to take it beyond my expectations. They have a new Batting Stance Creator (just updated in the OP), complete redo of the tag animations, adding 100 new catcher animations, improved crowd animations. Reworked Minor League stadiums (because we all start there in Road to the Show).

Team and player specific celebrations. Player reactions depending on the moment in game.

They added a graphic to show you your timing on a swing. Prior years it just said if you were early, late, etc.

Fuck ya I'm excited
Glorious title, OP! (I thought Yogi originally said, "Ninety percent of this game is half mental," but I like your version too.

I bought The Show 16 and had a lot of fun with it

One nitpick that drives me absolutely crazy: in all this time they have never fixed the positioning of the jersey numbers for teams and uniforms that don't have names on the backs. The number is just shoved down the player's back with a big blank space above it. That would be understandable in the PS1 era, but these days they even get the manufacturers of the players' batting gloves correct. And they can't position the numbers correctly? I love number-only jerseys and always outfit my teams in them... but somehow the developers cna't be bothered to get this right.
I had a few hours to play this morning.

3 visual modes. 1080p with best performance, 1440p and balance performance, and 4k.

I was drafted by the Pirates. I'm gonna be a diva until traded.

FYI Gaf!!! don't skip video when game first started. So lovely and heart warming.


Becomes baffled, curling up into a ball when confronted with three controller options.
Is there a consensus on this game?

How are the offline modes?

How are the changes to hitting this year?