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Well, Brock legit beat the shit out of Cena, starting with a quick takedown that led to short elbows that opened up a huge cut. He threw Cena around a bit. Then Cena hit Brock with the chain, FU'd him and pinned him 1-2-3.
"As far as I'm concerned, FX is better than [expletive] HBO," he said. "You're paying extra money to have HBO when the programming on FX smokes HBO right now. HBO's known for all its great shows. I've heard 'Game of Thrones' is awesome, but if you look at the overall network and what FX is doing and HBO is doing, FX blows them away. And that's on regular cable that you can watch everyday."

~ Dana White

That quote was in regards to changes that need to be made to TUF. I'm someone who has been defending this show for years and up until this season I still thought it was great but this season is a colossal borefest. None of the guys have any personality, I don't believe Cruz and Faber are genuine when they're arguing with each other, its a lot of the same stuff from past seasons, the live fights are boring, etc etc etc
fx has traditionally had a good stable of shows with justified, sons of anarchy, sunny in philadelphia, and formerly the shield. so it's not that outlandish a statement if he's referring to original programming. only good shows on hbo atm are game of thrones, boardwalk, and curb.