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Mobius Final Fantasy ‘Lightning Resurrection’ event announced, starts today


FFXIII Lightning trilogy remasters incoming.

As flawed as they were, I still managed to like XIII-2 and LR so I wouldn't mind a remaster collection. I still feel like they would have been better/more interesting as separate games not tied to each other.
XIII is still trash though.


<3 <3 <3 Mobius <3 <3 <3

XIII event looks awesome, lots of good event cards and the map looks fun! Possibly have the first 5* MP boss too!
Glad I saved up my tickets from the anniversary event, was lucky enough to get both Squall's and the Moogle legend jobs from the free daily summon campaign lol

Will be burning all my savings when they drop the Etro Goddess!!


I've gone back to Mobius full time after taken some months off and I'm still impressed with the content for the game, between the relatively easy farming of the premium currency in game and constant promotions you can rack up quite a bit of currency/tickets for the gatcha promotion of your choice just from daily logins if you take some long breaks.


FF13 is like the RE6 of the series. There's a lot of people who dislike it. But despite that it remains popular and has it's fans for different reasons.


I really would like to play more of Mobius, but the Steam version is a crashy bastard and none of my other devices seems to be able to run it.


These gameplay changes sound really cool. It's too bad they won't stick after the event is over.

The crystarium only affects the FFXIII regions anyway. And there is a story reason why Wol can use it.

They have lot of gameplay variations on a per region/event basis. Didn't you guys get the PuzzDra collaboration? That was the first one with gameplay variation (combos). The second FFVIIR collaboration, Fatal Calling, will have materia. Some of the later story chapters have element influence. The DQ collaboration has DQ jobs with their own levels, independent from your deck level.

Also, since some people still aren't aware, Toriyama has been directing Mobius from the beginning.


She should be forgotten.

Japan likes her. Toriyama likes her. That's enough.

Do we know why Japan likes her so much? There's an apparent gap there in popularity between east and west that isn't as prevalent with other FF protagonists.
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