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Modder Bringing Ray Tracing to Original Half-Life


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

In a video uploaded to YouTube a few days ago, a user by the name of sultim_t is working on a mod for Half-Life that adds ray tracing to the game to give it that more up-to-date graphical sheen. The minute-long clip shows segments from their current build, as well as a couple of screen wipes which show the original and how it compares to the ray tracing version. In its current state, the difference is quite obvious, with more realistic lighting effects, shadows, and water reflections. The mod is not currently available to download, however.

Half-Life: Ray Traced integrates the real-time path tracing into the original Half-Life (1998). With the hardware accelerated ray tracing, it is possible to calculate global illumination, reflections, refractions, soft shadows and other visual effects with interactive framerates.




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Honestly doesn't change the static look that much since it was all baked in low res before.
But dynamic hadows? reflections? hell yeah.
I would prefer half-life 2 though


Which game has the sections with broken lights? Those could be interesting.

I need to finish Black Mesa. Then in 3 years when I get an RT card, I can finally play original Half-Life with RT


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Why the first one? Surely the second one would've looked ten times better, the first game looks old af whereas 2 still holds up somewhat


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This is a good thing.

But i think it would be better on half life 2 because its geometry and textures dont look so dated.


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I thought it was great too. But did you think that Xen dragged on a little too long?

Yeah loved it all and I usually don't complain about game length and it stood out to me, especially the whole Gonarch encounter was far too long imo.

Still amazing but yeah it was inevitable it would get a bit bloated when they spent that long on it.
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