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Modding Support may come to STALKER 2 on Xbox Series S/X


Source: https://www.notebookcheck.net/Furth...fe-AI-Xbox-Mod-support-and-more.526968.0.html

STALKER 2 will be the first game in the franchise to launch on consoles, albeit limited to the Xbox Series X and S. Modding's always been a key aspect of the STALKER experience, and Bocharov hinted that GSC was exploring ways of bringing STALKER 2 mods to the Xbox Series X/S version, great news for fans of gameplay overhauls like MISERY.

They also talk about UE4 engine and how its going to be more of a complete game than when previous stalker games launched (eg lots of bugs)


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I'd rather just have the game to start with?

Let them talk man,

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