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modern games are shit. They dont have replay value


You know, what i really hate about threads and posts like this is that, while you're complaining about having no good games, here i am drowning in wishlists and backlogs, unable to play through everything i want to.

So many stuff i want to go through but got no time or energy for. I remember starting a game december last year and only being able to finish june this year. Then started another game in july and only finished this month. Recently started sekiro and i honestly wouldn't be surprised if i only beat it next year.

Not to mention a whole lot of games that i think look really fun that can be played forever like Factorio, Bannerlord, Stormworks, KSP, but i don't bother starting or even buying because i know i wouldn't be able to spend the time with them.

EDIT: Heck, even forgot to mention my tale of playing Divinity Original Sin 2 with my friends. Took us more than 2 years to beat it. All because on top of us having no time, our schedules had trouble matching.
Formula is easy.

No story, procedural shit? Goodbye.


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A few do…

any Nintendo game

Any dark souls

cyber punk is a good multiplay

guardians of the galaxy is a new one that’s a good multiplay

lots of others but I’m feeling lazy


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Formula is easy.

No story, procedural shit? Goodbye.



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Seriously, don't let few good games, distract you from the shit games we have been getting.

So what if a game has good graphic? That doesnt excuse its shit gameplay.

Old games had replay value. Current games doesnt have that. And the only reason you replay them, is those shitty achievement, lazy devs implemented to their system.

I remember playing old battle field games nonstop, because it was fun. I lost track of time playing it.

I cant do the same for the current games. I am lucky if I can last 2-3 hour playing time.

Edit: Here is m issues with modern games.
cash grab games. Mtx, chore shit task, open world with no soul in it, copying a game and not putting what that game made it good in the first place.
Name names, son. Give us some examples...


I have to agree with the op, in the last 8 years a lot of games when they first come get away with "serviceable" gameplay by dazzling the player with good graphics audio, and art but as time passes and the latter becomes obsolete the only saving grace is the gameplay which is why only a few modern games have high replayability value.

Doom 2016
The Witness
Dishonored 2
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This is why GaaS and things like Battle Royale are so popular, replayability. I can agree most solo games are not replayable endlessly, if you're lucky you might play it twice fully. Statistics show less than half of those that purchase a game even finish the solo campaign. Shocking I know.

I disagree with the blanket statement "modern games are shit they don't have replay value. Just look at something like Apex Legends or Sea of Thieves or Rocket League or Mario Kart or Street Fighter etc. The gameplay loops are insanely replayable. I'd be lying if replayability isn't why I don't invest in a Playstation. I'm not spending over $100 per game for something I'm going to play once or perhaps not even like without playing it first. Nintendo in recent years, for me, is largely shelved as well. I've seen the games, the characters, the mechanics and played them a billion times. I'm not investing in $100 per game for mostly the same experience out of them and generally less replayability.

Old school games have a special place e.g. you can go back with your kids now and they'll still want to play NES Zelda or SMB etc. It's because gameplay was always the utmost important hook, not graphics, not stories but gameplay. This is where multiplayer games have it over single player games these days. The tide shifted over the gaming decades.


Yes, every single modern video game is lacking in replayability. Or you're just old.

Yeah, you got old.

Walked in on this, read the OP, and my first thought was..."must be old". Replayability, regardless of how great a game is has become much more difficult as Ive gotten older...same for movies. I cant even count the number of times I beat Resident Evil 1, played local games of Goldeneye or Mario Kart 64 or the number of online matches in SOCOM....but all single player games as an adult have been one and done. Online multiplayer you say? Street Fighter 5 and Demon Souls...


Ive been playing games since the nes days for 30 years now and i disagree games nowadays are more replayable. The only reason why i used to play the same games over and over when i was younger is because i had no choice. It was 1 or 2 games a year you either got one for your birthday or christmas so i had no choice but to replay them and git gud.
People who excuse the shitty modern gaming landscape with bullshit reasons like "you're old" or "it's just nostalgia" are completely ignoring the reality of the problem. It has nothing to do with the players. I've had young family members who never grew up with the old classics, actually sit down and play them and they all agree they're hands down better games than what's available today. There's no nostalgia there, these kids are young and yet they still reach the same opinion as gamers who've been around the block a few times. Games today suck and I blame soulless corporatization for it.


How about instead of padding out a 20 hour game into a 60 hour game, you make an amazing 20 hour games that has a ton of replay value that you'll want to play at least 3 times making total playing time 60+ hours anyway?

Nah screw that, just pad pad pad! We need more padding! Fill up that map right now!

Ah there we go, beautiful. Gamers are gonna love all of that paddi, uh, I mean, legitimate great content!:

The second pic on here is the witcher 3. All of that stuff plus the story. I did UT all and it was awesome! Each encounter seemed unique. Not sure what the problem is. Make your own non-boring game to be judged by us then!


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I'm currently enjoying "modern" games, sure there are GaaS and loot boxes trend I dont like but I can easily avoid those type of games.


it's quite hard to create a new gameplay. Perhaps the creation of art is like the development of technology, and after a certain point it starts to slow down


I just checked my backlog. Out of the 24 games, only 3 on my list were made during the ps4/xbone era. 0 from PS5/XSX. The rest are earlier. So yeah, you're probably right
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I've been playing the same game for nearly a decade now...


Hmm 🤔
i kinda agree and it’s only going to get worse! Between the constant demand for better graphics thus longer development and costs of gaming… etc

we gamers let many corporations get away with so many crap that there’s no turning back!

AA gaming is dead, indies have a bad reputation ( unless they are on your favorite service)
AAA gaming is just sequel upon sequel that doesn’t add or bring anything new to the gaming industry. Itself is afraid of new IPs and I think we should send a message!

Stop buying the same franchises! They will have no other option than to do new things, make better and diverse games/genres!!!!

Damn I feel like a revolutionary lol
Hmm 🤔
i kinda agree and it’s only going to get worse! Between the constant demand for better graphics thus longer development and costs of gaming… etc

we gamers let many corporations get away with so many crap that there’s no turning back!

AA gaming is dead, indies have a bad reputation ( unless they are on your favorite service)
AAA gaming is just sequel upon sequel that doesn’t add or bring anything new to the gaming industry. Itself is afraid of new IPs and I think we should send a message!

Stop buying the same franchises! They will have no other option than to do new things, make better and diverse games/genres!!!!

Damn I feel like a revolutionary lol
You have Nintendo IPs being used over and over again, with most of them offering fresh new approaches without costing 200 million to make. Sequels are ok in my book, but they need to try to offer different gameplay styles, and not having only GaaS shit as a new mechanic on each iteration.

The problem is that audiences now want GaaS games with a constant stream of content coming at them. I hate this trend, and I feel that GaaS are not games meant to respect your time, they want to keep you playing all the time. Add FOMO, advertisement, all that shit together creates games that basically "force" the user to stay with them. And that's the only way for devs to keep stakeholders happy, because there's this constant push for increasing profits YoY.

What's going to kill creativity and diversity is the current goal of creating games as Platforms where you will spend all your free time in. And I hate it. This Metaverse bs is the doubling down of this concept.

I don't even play video games nowadays. Most of them have become work instead of fun imo, only Nintendo still gets my respect.


Linear, Cinematic, Single player games don't tend to have replay value. Multiplayer games do, which is why pretty much every list of top selling and most played games every year on every platform is a who's who of multiplayer games.
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I consider myself a retro gamer, where at least half of my gaming time was spent on retro gaming.

But the phrase "replay value" is a bit overrated. As much as I love replayability, most of the game that I tend to go back once a while are actually linear games without much post game content. Like I just did a Resident Evil marathon again month ago, and it was satisfying

For me a tight but short game is better than a long game full of filler content.

For a gamer my age, time is more important than money. I would rather play 5 short game with focused and meaningful experience within 100 hours than play 1 open world full of filler content.

That's the reason I begin to enjoy games that I would never do 10 years ago, games such as Last of Us, Uncharted, God of War, although have less replay value, but IMO are some of the most "Time efficient" games where you get most experience out of it in a short amount of time.
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Maybe op should look at more than just the big budget AAA games. If they love old school games they'll find equivalents in the indie and smaller scale space.


The worst fucking thing is a developer releasing a game in a half assed state.

I'm looking at you 343i.

Halo infinite is now open world, but does not even have new game plus where you can keep all your existing shit. Wtf?


It's all about the gameplay - if the game is fun, you'll keep coming back for more. That's really it.

I always used to say that it's all about the gameplay and story, that the gameplay is the fun part and story is what keeps you going and coming back, but in times of Youtube where you can watch all the cut-scenes and dialogues, it just doesn't hold true anymore. I came to this realization literally last week when I was finishing my 4th walkthrough of The Ascent, because I keep coming back for more simply because I'm having ton of fun by just walking around the world and blowing shit up, the guns, the skills, explosives, augmentations etc. just feel amazing and it's just one hell of a fun game to play, hence it's my go-to title when I'm not sure what I want to play, so much that I already replayed it three times. The story doesn't matter, nor do the characters or the world, the gameplay is fun and that's why I keep coming back.

But frankly, Youtube is where I "finish" most modern games nowadays, I just play them until the honeymoon is over, which is a couple of hours usually, and then I go to YT to see how it all ended, if I'm interested in the plot in the first place that is. Because I can already tell after mere 5-8h that I'm not having fun at all, so why on earth would I want to waste 20-80 more hours (open-world FTW!) when instead I can have all the plot wrapped up in a 20-40min. video?

Same goes for replaying old games that simply didn't age well, whether the graphic- or gameplay-wise if we're at it, you can go back just to the story on YT. For example I tried to replay Max Payne 1/2 about two years ago and I simply couldn't do it, the bullet-time is nowhere near as fun as it used to be 20 years ago, let alone the visuals/AI/animations, but that dark noir graphic novel? Still fucking amazing. Starcraft? Same deal, the story told there is still one of the greatest ever, but when it comes to gameplay alone I prefer something like C&C RA2 or Generals really.

But if the gameplay is fun, you keep playing the game over and over again. And it's especially noticeable in MP, the so-called "last match syndrome", where you promise yourself this is honestly the last round, only to spend another 2-3h on the game, and no progression system, collectibles and unlockables can ever give you that, it has to be the gameplay. And MP is actually the best test of the game's gameplay - there are no cut-scenes, no scripts, no dialogues, no nothing to cover up the mediocre gameplay, if it's not fun you won't want to play it no matter how great everything else is.

The problem with modern games is not that there's no replay value per se, it was really never the case if you look back 10/20/30 years, the problem is that most devs don't put the gameplay in the absolute first place, the games are being made by some Hollywood-wannabe directors, the games are desperately trying to be something else, something more, completely forgetting what it's all about in the process. Just think about it - how many games market themselves with the actual gameplay? Exactly. It's all just cinematics, cut-scenes or CGI even, with a "not actual gameplay" label, this is the source of all the issues with modern gaming. But if you take that away? The gameplay is very shallow, basic, mediocre.

If you played Uncharted over a decade ago you already played all the platforming sections in all modern TPP games, it's all the same copy-paste animations and mechanics, so in a sense you are replaying the same stuff over and over again. And speaking of, most games nowadays are TPP exactly, for the sole purpose of storytelling and this whole movie-wannabe aspirations, barely anyone puts the actual player in the center of the events (FPP), or some other perspective, the player is just a passive audience. And many games are melee-based, nobody bothers making any fun shooting mechanics anymore, while those melee mechanics are filled with not even QTE but a single-button finishers, so again, you're not playing the game much as you're just watching it.

And on top of that there's that awful open-world craze going on, where you spend >90% of the game on literally just walking from A to B, now how the hell is walking suppose to be fun? That's the point, it's not, it's boring as fuck, hence nobody wants to replay those games after already putting 40, 60, 80h into them for just a 3-4h story, people actually feel relief that its finally over and they don't have to go through it ever again.

But then again, people vote with their wallet, if that's what sells the most, that's exactly what people will keep getting. But luckily the video gaming industry has a broad variety of content, you just need to be willing to look at it, if you close yourself just onto the AAA market, that's what you'll get, until a new trend shows up.


I like pretty much all gaming from the early 90's and onwards. I haven't played the vast majority of games that came out earlier than that. I'm neither a "retro gamer" nor a "modern gamer." I'm just a gamer. That's how I see it.

I respectfully disagree about the replay value aspect though. I find newer games to generally have more replay value, not less.
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BOOMERS RISE UP just not too quickly or you'll have a heart attack.

Maybe in the past you were a poor kid who got two videogames a year so you had to replay Sonic for months? Now vidya is cheap and plentiful.
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