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Modern Warfare 2022 Beta Discussion Thread


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Been playing for an hour now and having a blast with the 74u. The beta includes Team Deathmatch, Prison Rescue, Knock Out, and Domination. There's 3 maps available. You do not need Playstation Plus to play online.
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It's running pretty well and looks alright. I just hope they fix or upgrade the shadows for the release, they look a pixelated mess sometimes (only on the menu so far)


Hype Train conductor. Works harder than it steams.
Audio is fantastic, guns feel good, graphics are great, movement feels weighty
Beta is kinda limited when it comes to options.
Couldn't see anything for aim assist.
I usually have it on precision.
But overall it look & plays great


Like the grenades and explosions. But.... it's just another iteration of COD. Thought it would look better. I thought this year may be different in terms of maps. The one thing with COD is that you can be shot from every angle at any time. Too many twists and turns as usual. It always makes it a bit of a cluster fuck and most guys that are good just jump around every corner shooting whether someone is there or not. Might get better.

Mouse and keyboard should not be allowed to play with controllers.


I think the graphics are pretty sub-par for a game in 2022 but the game is fun, its slowed down which i prefer, and the gunplay feels super nice.

If this is how WZ is gonna feel, im gonna have a blast.

Been playing for an hour now and having a blast with the 74u. The beta includes Team Deathmatch & Domination. There's 2 maps available. You do not need Playstation Plus to play online.
I've been playing 3 maps on those 2 modes (Museum, Mex Market?, and Farm 18)
im not a cod fan. Been playing an hour.
idk. Just feels like a 360 game. Idk anything about COD. is this new? is this a remaster? is this a remake? All i know is this just feels like every bland cookie cutter yearly COD that came out a gen or two ago.

i can't think of anything it does better than old games. Its not exceptionally pretty. It didn't control differently. i didn't notice any new gameplay types of things or anything. I guess this is good for ppl that liked COD on xbox 360. and want that again? But thats when i think COD started to suck so boo for me.

i didn't hate it or anything. Maps were ok. And it wasn't a bad experience. Just kinda bleh


I'm locked out until Sunday because I don't want to pre-order. Vanguard it is tonight!


its running great for me at 120 fps
So happy to hear they kept 120 fps! I still go back and forth on some games between fidelity and performance. But COD at 120 fps has been just so darn good I can never go back.
i did enjoy this beta more than Vanguard or Cold War. i dont play COD...but i will play any beta. The only COD i've bought since like 2007 is Black Ops 4. Because i played that beta and actually enjoyed it


I played a few matches and honestly this feels and looks EXACTLY the same as any other COD I've tried these past few years. I really don't see the appeal for this franchise at all. Every year is the exact same thing. Hard pass.


wants to fuck an Asian grill.
I skipped Cold War and Vanguard? Did they ALSO let you use a kbm on console? This is hilarious lol


Fuck UAVs. Please just get rid of them.

Reading up on the ghost perks its this ultimate park that only unlocks after a few minutes into the match ugh.

Why not just do it like in the past where you had to keep moving to avoid UAVs with ghost.


Maybe I'm missing something but the beta on PSN is telling me it's unavailable. Is it early access for people who pre-ordered?
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